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Burn injuries can result from a wide range of accidents including car accidents, residential fires, or even in a an unlikely setting like a football game. When burn injuries are sustained as a consequence of an explosion, they can be tragic and require extensive rehabilitation measures. These very serious injuries may result from negligent conduct that is no fault of the person who is injured.

Despite precautionary measures, explosion accidents occur on a regular basis. Injuries from explosions include burns from the heat and flames, and hearing damage or shrapnel injuries from the explosion’s blast and shock wave.

Propane tanks are often used in the preparation of food at carnivals, fairs, and sporting events. They don’t receive much attention until something goes horribly wrong.

Fire and Explosion at a Food Vendor’s Trailer

A fire and explosion inside a food vendor’s trailer at a high school sent two men to the hospital and injured another.

An early evening explosion of a 20-gallon propane tank sent shrapnel as far as 150 feet across a nearby street. The explosion ripped off the roof and the sides of the trailer, where vendors were serving food prior to the start of a football game on campus. Officials say that prior to the explosion employees detected a propane leak and a fire.

A fire captain reported that one man sustained burns to his torso and arms and was taken to a local hospital. Another man identified only as a school employee, was knocked down by the blast, and was also taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, people injured or killed in these explosions are likely to be working men and women with dependent families. The employee was in the process of moving spectators away from the trailer area when the blast occurred.

The explosion took place just feet from the football grandstand and next to a fence along the busy street. In view of what could of happened, it’s fortunate that more people weren’t injured by the blast.

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