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Party buses have become almost part of the landscape in the many tourist hotspots of southern California. And why not? Traveling on a party bus with a large group of fellow tourists can be a most enjoyable adventure. You are free to enjoy friendship and camaraderie with your fellow travelers and share the experience together. When someone boards a party bus, their minds are miles away from any thoughts of possible injury yet alone death. It is natural to assume the driver is properly trained, has the required credentials, and the skill to safely operate a bus.

Knowing that party bus passengers are almost assuredly in a carefree state of mind, operators of these buses should exercise the utmost degree of care, skill and diligence as to matters concerning the passengers’ safety. This obligation begins when the passenger boards the bus and only ends when a passenger reaches the destination and safely exits.

A most unusual investigation

Sunday morning witnessed a most unusual investigation of accident involving the death of a man who fell out of a party bus that was traveling on a busy freeway.

The man was in the company of 23 fellow partiers.

“For reasons yet to be determined, the passenger was ejected from the party limo bus and came to rest in the number three lane,” officers said in a news release.

The 24-year-old man was struck by several passing cars, according accounts given at the time of the accident.

The fire department responded to the scene and the man, who was not identified, was pronounced dead shortly after the accident.

All lanes of the freeway were closed for about three hours.

“In central L.A., in the office that I’ve been at for six years, I’ve not heard of one incident in which a party bus was involved and a person ejected,” said an investigating officer. “I’m sure this isn’t the first time it’s happened. In my typical area, that’s usually not the case.”

The operator of the bus was not identified nor the buses destination confirmed.

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