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Collecting the pieces of your life after a car accident that involves serious injury or even death can tax the emotional resources of even the most resilient of people. That is because a car accident can affect you and your families’ lives in many ways that are difficult to foresee. They can permanently alter the course of your life, break your spirit – or even devastate your family. With the possibility of the course of your family life being changed and with so many medical, legal and financial consequences it’s important to know where you stand after a car accident.

This is particularly true for expensive medical bills and other financial burdens that may result from your accident. In the aftermath of an unforeseen accident like this one, such consequences are hard for one to imagine. That’s why it’s essential to hire a good car accident attorney to help you with the many issues that confront you after a major car accident.

A Family Tragedy On The Way Home

The driver of an SUV was held on $750,000 cash bail. He’d been charged with three counts each of aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide and five counts of assault by auto. The results are just the smallest, most inconsequential part of the story.

He was the driver in an accident that left three deceased victims who were all were members of the same family, his family. He and his passengers had just attended a family gathering that day and were on their way home.

The crash happened on Route 15 near an intersection in Jefferson Township. Investigators said the vehicle suddenly swerved and left the roadway before overturning, ejecting several passengers.

A pregnant woman and a child were among three victims killed in a crash that left six others injured, authorities said.

The driver admitted he had been drinking beer for most of the day and said he was trying to pass another vehicle when he lost control of the SUV.

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