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Car accidents in California can occur in a wide variety of typical driving locales and situations. While most of our driving may occur on bustling freeways and crowded urban streets, rural desert highways also abound in the state. Automobile accidents result in many possible outcomes. They may range from fender benders to catastrophic wrongful death collisions. While each car accident must be looked at uniquely and evaluated for its own merits, there are nonetheless some common aspects and considerations that pertain to any accident.

Insurance companies have a financial obligation to their investors to minimize the size of your insurance claims. Face the claims adjustor alone and you may not get all the compensation that you need in order to pay all costs associated with a car accident.

This is particularly true for expensive medical bills and other financial burdens that may result from your accident. In the aftermath of an major accident like this one, the consequences are hard for one to imagine. That is why it is essential to hire a good car accident attorney to help you with the many issues that confront you after a major car accident.

Collision On A Desert Road

A car and a pickup truck collided on a rural desert road in the northern area of the county, killing four young people and leaving three others critically injured.

Firefighters arrived at the scene to find both the sedan and the pickup in a ditch and four people already dead said a county fire spokesman to local TV reporters.

One of the vehicles ran a stop sign and broadsided the other, sending both into the ditch according to highway patrol officers.

“It was definitely a very powerful impact that unfortunately stole the life of four people,” a patrol sergeant told reporters. At least two of the dead were not wearing seatbelts.

Video from the scene showed a badly smashed green truck and red pickup, and a road so covered in debris it was difficult for tow trucks and rescue vehicles to get past.

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