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Southern California’s vast system of freeways, major urban boulevards, and small residential streets provides ample opportunity for a driver to be involved in a car accident. The Los Angeles basin alone has numerous weekly car accidents involving pedestrians, reckless drivers, distracted drivers, drunk drivers and a few elderly drivers not fully in control of their vehicles. Unfortunately, many of these car accidents result in injury to people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dealing with other drivers and their insurance companies require the skills and abilities of a car accident lawyer like Daniel A. Gibalevich.

If you are involved in a car accident in the Los Angeles area, it is most important to retain legal council well versed in the legal process of settling this type of case. The DAG Law Firm have a reputation for fighting to protect and advance the rights of car accident victims, injured bicyclists, and injured pedestrians to ensure so that those hurt in no fault car accidents receive the maximum compensation they deserve.

Teen drivers have unfortunate high rate of accidents. Excess speed and a lack of judgment can lead to accidents like this one.

Two Cars and Two Trees

According to police, two cars ran off the road at Spa and Harness Creek Roads and ran into two separate trees. Speed is believed to be a factor.

Police say a Volkswagen Jetta was traveling south on Spa Road when it failed to negotiate a curve. It left the road just south of the intersection at Harness Creek Road and struck a tree. A Mazda Protege was following the Jetta and failed to negotiate the same curve. It struck a different tree.

The driver of the Jetta was taken to Shock Trauma in critical condition. A passenger was taken to Shock Trauma and treated for minor injuries. The driver of the Protege was taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center and has been treated and released.

The driver of the Jetta and his passenger are both 17-year-old males. The driver of the Protege is an 18-year-old male.

A toxicology test was administered to the driver of the Jetta; results are pending.

If you or your teen has been involved in a car accident and you need the services of a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles please contact us at (323) 947-2224 or visit the Car Accident section on our website at the DAG Law Firm. Call today and we will connect you with Daniel A. Gibalevich, an experienced, aggressive, affordable Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles. After you have spoken with our Los Angeles Personal Injury Law attorney, we can schedule you a free face to face appointment to discuss your circumstances. If you have questions or are considering any aspect of Personal Injury Law, we can help! Call us now at (323) 947-2224. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with any and all car accident concerns.

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