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Driver Crashes into Power Pole in Sun Valley Area

Talk about a concerning subject, losing power just days before Christmas. Thousands of people in the Sun Valley area had to due without power on early Friday. What happened? A driver crashed into the electric pole, several actually as well as a fire hydrant. This caused a huge disaster, sending water over the power lines.

According to Officer Alvarez from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Valley Traffic Division, the vehicle was a Chevrolet Avalanche truck. The truck was driving too fast in the 8100 block of Lankershim Boulevard. This happened around one o’clock in the morning on Friday.

When the firefighters got to the scene, they couldn’t locate the driver of the truck, according to Officer Alvarez. The officers/res-ponders had a difficult time trying to get to the Avalanche due to the water that was shooting across the live power lines.

Workers Try to Work Around the Water on the Live Wire Electrical Poles

Terry Schneider from the L.A. Department of Water and Power said that, shortly after the crash almost 3,200 people in the area was without power. Although some people probably had a difficult time getting ready for work that morning, by the time most people got home the electric would be back on. Schneider said that by six,thirty that evening everyone but 1,140 customers had their power back on.

The crews didn’t think this would take that long, at first they thought the power should have been restored by eight o’clock that morning. However, the crews ran into some difficulties and then the estimated time had been pushed back to noon that day.

Lankershim had to be shut down for a few hours in both directions for several blocks due to the crash. Luckily no injuries were reported. The LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division will be investigating this incident.


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