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Construction Sites – Hazardous for All

Accidents occur every day at California construction sites. Causes are many and accidents may be due to negligence, inexperienced or untrained workers, defective equipment or noncompliance with safety regulations. They also may be purely accidental in nature and totally unforeseen. Construction sites can be inherently dangerous for workers, visitors or mere onlookers. As a construction project progresses, it creates an ever changing situation and the associated hazards and risks can vary greatly from day to day. The danger of severe physical injury is always present and accidents are frequent. Read More…

Pedestrian killed at construction site on college campus

A female pedestrian was killed when a front loader backed up onto a walkway at a construction site on the San Jose City College campus school officials said.

San Jose fire crews responded to a report at 11:15 a.m. that a vehicle had struck a woman walking by the construction area at the college a fire dispatcher said.

San Jose-Evergreen Community College District Chancellor Rita Cepeda said the woman was taken to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center after being hit, and has died.

“This was a tragic accident,” Cepeda said.

The worker was part of a six-person crew with Preston Pipelines headquartered in Milpitas. They were installing an underground water valve.

The operator reportedly said that he never saw the victim.

Preston Pipelines’ Chief Operating Officer Ron Bianchini told local reporters that the machine operator has 35 years of experience and — as far as he knows — a clean record.

“He was just taking a load of dirt over to one corner of the job site,” said Bianchini.

School officials are not releasing the victim’s identity and would not say whether the person was a student at the school.

Breland said the accident occurred while crews were digging to gain access to an underground water valve as part of one of various construction projects on campus.

The pedestrian was struck between the fine arts building and the vocational training center, he said.

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