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Construction projects often require that a trench be dug for typical installations of electrical conduits, sewers, footings, or to gain access to existing underground structures. Trenches are recognized as dangerous work areas and require extra safety precautions to avoid preventable trench and excavation accidents.

Common causes of trench accidents include collapses when defective or non-existent reinforcement fails, or when backfill material is located to close to the excavation site. Trench accident can have multiple causes, and a collapsing trench can cause severe injuries or even death, burying construction workers under tons of dirt and debris.

Victims of serious constructions site accidents like trench or excavation collapses need the expertise and advice of an qualified construction accident attorney who can examine your case and explain the legal avenues for seeking compensation.

Underground gas and electrical lines can pose a threat to trench workers when such structures aren’t accurately located and proper safety measures haven’t
been taken. An open trench is a hazard to workers who must work in the vicinity of them, as the danger of falling into them is ever present.

Worker Pulled From Mud After Fall Into Trench

When a construction worker fell 25 feet into a trench at a building site, he was trapped waist-deep in mud for over three hours before rescuers could pull him out.

Rescue crews had to work for more than three hours to remove a construction worker.

Fortunately, the man was in stable condition after arriving at the local hospital. His injuries were undetermined at the time, though officials said he was expected to recover. Minor trench accidents may only result in bruises and broken bones. However, permanent injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, suffocation, or even fatal injuries have occurred.

Authorities were unable to determine how the worker had fallen into the trench. Co-workers tried to free him prior to calling rescuers. Fire fighters, who are well equipped and trained for such rescues, took several hours to free the man once they arrived.

One emergency worker stated that about 50 rescuers took part in the operation. The rescuers used a backhoe, a vacuum truck and a device called an air knife to loosen and remove mud from the site. They then used simple hand tools to dig the man out, working carefully to prevent the walls of the trench from caving in.

Rescuers said the man was conscious and speaking when he was removed from the trench. He complained of pain in his legs.

Construction work is inherently hazardous and trench excavations particularly so. If you have been the victim of this type of accident and need the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles please contact us at (323) 947-2224 or visit the Personal Injury section on our website at the DAG Law Firm. Call today and we will connect you with Daniel A. Gibalevich, an experienced, aggressive, affordable Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles. After you have spoken with our Los Angeles Personal Injury Law attorney, we can schedule you a free face to face appointment to discuss your circumstances. If you have questions or are considering any aspect of Personal Injury Law, we can help! Call us now at(323) 947-2224. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with any and all Personal Injury Law needs.

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