1 Person Dead, 2 Injured from Pit Bull Attack

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Several Pit Bulls Attack Multiple Times

Two Pit Bull dogs attacked and mauled a homeless woman to death. The dogs also injured two men early Sunday morning.

According to the Animal Control officer, the victims were attacked around 2 o’ clock on a Sunday Morning by female pit bull dogs. One of the dogs, who appeared to be around one year in age was around thirty pounds and she was caught immediately after the attack.

The name of the woman that was sadly killed in this attack, was not released. The neighbors had described the victim as a petite woman who was in her forties. She was also a regular in the neighborhood. Neighbors report that she was seen panhandling around dusk before the attack. One of the neighbors said that the woman looked fine when he saw her last.

Osby Pineles and his friend had seen the attack while they were on their way to the corner store to buy cigarettes. When they saw the woman, she was already on the ground with the two pit bulls pulling at her body.

Osby’s friend was scared but started knocking on anyone one’s door and was screaming for help. Osby braved it out and tried to get the dogs away from the poor woman. However, the dogs then turned on Osby and started attacking him. The dogs even knocked him down. He ended up with bloody hands, legs, and arms. His scared friend, suffered from minor injuries.

Neighbors stated that they have often saw the dogs roaming the neighborhood. Several houses in the area even have “Beware of dogs” signs posted.

The animal that was caught, lives in a nearby apartment complex. The dog also has a biting history, according to the neighbors who are familiar with the dog. The pit bull does not show signs of rabies but is currently being held for further examination. A hearing will be held to determine the dogs fate. Police are still searching for the second, larger pit bull and the owner.

In the United States, doge attacks have killed thirty-two people in 2013. Pit bull or pit mixes were blamed for twenty-five of those deaths! According to animal control, when dogs gather in two or more and roam freely this kind of incident can occur. Dogs have a “pack mentality” so it’s not uncommon for this to happen.

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