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15 Year Old Not Paying Attention, Dies in Car Accident

A fifteen year old girl, according to police, walked into the path of a big rig at a busy intersection. She was crossing with the signal in the crosswalk when she was killed.

The mother of teen Noemi Mendez stated that her teen was distracted by her phone when she was crossing the street is untrue. She also said that her daughters phone rang while she was in the intersection.

Poor Noemi died instantly after she lost her balance and fell behind the rear wheels of a semi truck at the Otay Mesa Road and La Media Road.

Brother of Noemi, Elias Mendez claims that he has had trouble sleeping after seeing his sister’s sad death. He also hasn’t been able to eat.  Elias and his mother, Viviana Castro, were very grief stricken when the spoke to local NBC news on Friday. Noemi was a Castle Park High School Student who was always happy and loved to joke around.

Elias has been traumatized since the night that his sister died in the accident. However, he claims that they were walking side by side in the crosswalk around five o’clock that Wednesday evening. He tried to pull her out of the way of the oncoming truck.

He claims the crossing light was flashing at the time and they were allowed some time to make it across the street. Police state that then Noemi fell under the rear wheels of the Semi Truck.

Elias statement about his sister’s accident

I turned around towards her and I was yelling at her like ‘Wake up, c’mon. Don’t do this, just wake up.

Police Investigators state that Noemi was distracted by her cell phone as she crossed the intersection, the truck driver was turning right on a green light. Witnesses also told police that the teen attempted to cross the street against the light. Castro says that Noemi was NOT on her phone until it rang while the girl was in the street. Elias Mendez claims that the truck should have yielded to them.

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