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18 Month Called “Miracle Baby” After Surviving Horrible Crash

A day after an 18 month old baby survived a deadly high-speed rollover crash claimed his mother’s life, he his being called a “Miracle Baby”. The San Diego boy is being cared for by family members now.

Luckily, the miracle baby had only a few scratches on his little head after the vehicle had plunged 150 feet down an embankment. On Thursday, miracle baby, Riley was home with his Uncle Jonny Dewitt along with his grandmother and his aunt. The boy was waddling around and appeared to be healthy.

His family now call him the “Miracle Baby”. The crash happened along the Interstate 8 Alpine, near Tavern Road. Riley’s mother was identified by family as Lindsey Michelle Woods. She was only twenty-one years old. Lindsey was driving a Jeep Cherokee at the time of the crash. California Highway Patrol, Lindsey was traveling around 70 mph when she had lost control of the jeep then she swerved off the freeway.

The California Highway Patrol stated that Riley was safely secured into his car seat, which was in the middle of the backseat at the time of the rollover crash. The family gives the car seat credit for saving Riley’s life. They want Riley and Lindsey’s story to be a reminder to families to always secure their children into their car seats.

Dewitt Wants People to Keep Their Children Safe

If you really love your kid, buckle him in, Lives can be spared.

DeWitt also said that his sister was a great mother to Riley. He also said that when Lindsey had Riley, she completely turned her life around.

DeWitt told the local news

She started doing everything right [after Riley was born.] She was my baby sister. She was struggling [to raise him] on her own, and making the best life for her kid. She read to him, gave him a bath every night and made sure he was in a warm house every night.

According to Lindsey’s best friend, Jessica Bauman, Lindsey was an incredible person and worked hard to provide for Riley.

Jessica’s statement about Lindsey

She was the most caring, beautiful, loving, smart person in the world. She was an amazing mother, best friend, sister, daughter – everything. She didn’t deserve this. I really miss her.

Jessica stated that she believed Riley’s survival is nothing short of a miracle. Riley will be a constant reminder of her late friend. She also said that “At least we get a part of Lindsey”. She’s glad she’ll get to help raise him and be there for Riley.

The accident is still under investigation but the California Highway Patrol officials stated that speed was a major factor in this accident. Dewitt visited the site of the accident and couldn’t believe that little Riley survived the horrible accident.

Dewitt Contemplate’s Riley’s Survival

After the crash, Riley and the male got stuck inside the vehicle. Luckily, some good samaritans were there to help. Almost a half hour later Riley and the man was safely extricated from the vehicle.

Witness Terry Ulmer Stated:

The baby was calm. The baby was healthy. The baby seemed intact and pretty responsive.

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