25 Year Old Arrested for Throwing Cooking Oil on People

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Woman Arrested for Throwing Hot Oil on Sleeping People

According to the Fontana Police, a twenty-five year old young woman was recently arrested on the suspicion of throwing hot cooking oil on two people as they slept.

The Fontana Police also said that, the two burn victims was a forty-two year old man and a twenty six year old woman. Both victims received second and third degree burns.

According to the report, the woman victim was burned a total 17 percent of her body  which included her neck and her face. The man however, received burns as well which include burns to the upper right side of his body.

Cooking Oil Victims Fight for Survival

The Fontana Police arrested Chrystal Dunn for the suspicion of throwing hot oil on the two people while they slept. The Police say that the burn victims drove themselves to the local hospital. They then told the investigators about the oil that was thrown on them while they slept. The police have no released a motive for the attack.

According to the report, Dunn lives in Ga and was taken into custody without any fight or incident. She is being held at the local detention center and her bail is set as $100,000.

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