29 Year Old Driver Aressted for DUI Hit-and-Run

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Man Arrested for Several Hit-and-Run Accidents and DUI

According to the San Diego police, on Wednesday in the Genesee Avenue in Linda Vista, there were two passengers that were thrown from a flatbed truck after a suspected drunk driver had slammed on their brakes at a red light.

The suspected driver, was a twenty-nine year old man. He was speeding as he was going Westbound just before ten in the morning. He had to brake due to some stopped traffic at Park Mesa Way. He had swerved to miss the traffic but caused the truck to skid and then roll. During the roll the passenger door had flung open.

The passengers in the truck then fell out. The truck continued to spin into a U-turn. That is when the driver then headed east. An officer followed the truck for a little while and then it finally pulled over.

The Driver’s Been Arrested for the Hit-and-Run

The driver was arrested on suspicion of felony drunken driving and hit-and-run. He was suspected to have been involved into another hit-and-run a few minutes earlier, when a nearby Hyatt Street resident’s fence was hit.

The fifty-five year old man, who was one of the passengers in the vehicle, had some fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. The other passenger, a twenty-nine year old was treated from some bruises and then released from the hospital. The highway was partially blocked due to the investigation.

Source: https://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/may/21/genesee-truck-crash/

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