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I know I’ve said this a few times, but ¬†multi vehicle crashes rarely end well. Someone always ends up hurt or even worse. While crash are a nuisance to the public, it’s deadly for all those involved.

When you think of a multi vehicle crash you think of three or four vehicles involved, however in a recent crash there was a 12 vehicle crash. The crash blocked multiple lanes on the northbound 110 Freeway which is in downtown Los Angeles. The accident of course caused quite a few traffic delays for the morning commute.

The vehicle was reported just before daylight at around 5:15 in the early morning. The incident was reported near 9th Street. At least two of the northbound lanes are blocked.

The driving lanes were backing up from the Adams Boulevard.

CarMax Employee Killed in Crash

According to the police, a CarMax employee has been killed during a test drive. The driver of the vehicle crashed into a tree on a Tuesday.

According to the authorities, there was a red Chevrolet Corvette that had been traveling at a high speed during a test drive, when it then hit a tree.

The driver as well as the passenger were injured during the crash. The passenger was an employee of CarMax. The passenger had to be rushed to the San Antonio Community Hospital in the Upland area.

The police said that the CarMax employee was Warren Dennis Smale who is forty-three years old. He sadly died from his injuries.

The test driver of the car is twenty-eight year old Alex Demetro from the Union City area. He was later arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter as well as a felony for driving under the influence of drugs.

How sad is that? A man just doing his job and died due to the fact that some man was careless and took someones else life at risk.

CarMax Statement:

Today is an incredibly sad day for the CarMax family. Our hearts and prayers go out to our colleague’s family. CarMax is working closely with local authorities.

Right now the investigation is ongoing. If anyone has any information they are asking that you call the WE-TIP hotline at (800) 782-7463. You can even remain anonymous if you provide information.

Multi Vehicle Crash in Hollywood

Firefighters put out a fire that engulfed a truck in flames. This was after a multi vehicle crash in the East Hollywood area on a Saturday night.

According to the Los Angeles County Fire officials, The fiery crash happened around 8:30 in the evening. It was in the 5000 block of W. Sunset Boulevard.

There were three cars that and a truck that was unoccupied that were involved in a crash. According to the Fire fighters, several nearby businesses were also threatened by the severe flames. A palm tree that was nearby even became engulfed in flames. A nearby pharmacy also had a little bit of damage from the fiery crash.

The out of control flames was taken control of by the firefighters who worked very hard and fast and was luckily able to get the flames out within ten minutes of being on scene.

A woman from one of the crashed vehicles did suffer some minor injuries. She was quickly taken to a nearby hospital so her injuries could be treated. Luckily no other injuries were reported.

Sunset Boulevard had to be closed down in both directions for quite sometime.

Two Die After Highway Crash

According to the Los Angeles County officials, there were two people killed there was another person injured in the crash. The crash was on Highway 126.

According to the reports, the crash was around the Chiquito Canyon Road and happened around 9:30 in the morning. The crash involved a passenger vehicle as well as two tractor trailers.

According to the reports, there was cargo from one of the tractor trailer trucks scattered all across the roadway.

Police reported that all lanes on Highway 126 were closed so that they could investigate. They also advised motorists to use the 118 Freeway or Highway 23 as an alternate route.

The injured victim was quickly transported to a nearby hospital. It is unclear of the condition of the victim. There is no known cause of this crash at this time and will remain under investigation.

Vehicular Manslaughter Crash

According to a charge made by the Ventura County District Attorney in California filed a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter against the driver of a pickup truck who crashed into, and derailed a commuter train just last year.

Gregory Totten was the one to announce the charge which came from the February 24th accident. The accident left the sixty-two year old train engineer, Glenn William Steele dead. Thirty-four other people were injured during the crash.

People Injured in Train Crash

According to the news release, 54 year old, Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez was the one to be arrested for the incident. At first he was arrested by the investigators, however he was released later. The police had found a disoriented driver of the crashed truck not far from the crash. The driver’s attorney didn’t immediately answer any of the Associated Press questions.

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