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60 Year Old Man Killed By SWAT Team Vehicle

Pedestrian Killed by MERCED SWAT Team Vehicle

On Wednesday, November 20th a 60 year old Planada man died after he was struck by a Merced Police Department armored SWAT Team vehicle. Not much is being released on the accident due to the fact that it is still being investigated.

Police do not know if 60 year old, Hubertino Vallejo was struck on the sidewalk or if he had stepped into the road. According to Police, Merced Police Officer Moses Nelson was driving the vehicle that day. He was on his way back to the department after a day of out of town training. It was a day of a lot of heavy rain and visibility was a possible factor in the fatal accident.

The other officers in the vehicle were identified and at first they were not sure if their vehicle had hit Hubertino. The SWAT Team had pulled over to the side of the road and administered first aid until the emergency responders arrived to the scene.

Investigators are still waiting on the toxicology report for Hubertino. They say that they have gathered all of the statements and physical evidence and now they’re just piecing everything they’ve collected together. They are unsure of when this investigation will be complete and could not give a timetable for an end date.

The investigation is still going but it appears that the team driver was driving within the speed limit. As of now the driver is still on the job but if for some reason he is at fault then there will be an internal investigation. Just because of their positions these officers are not receiving special treatment.

The Corners forensic pathologist was out of town during the accident, so the autopsy will be arriving later.

Officer Pazin stated:

I just left the coroner’s office; there is some noticeable head trauma, But because our forensic pathologist is out of town testifying at this time, we aren’t going to disturb the body so that we can keep the best evidence as to the cause of death.

Hubertino was shocked to lose this sweet and loving man. Hubertino’s 25 year old son said that they all miss him, especially his mom. As they were looking through the family photos of him he started crying and stated that he still can’t believe his father is gone.
Investigators are looking into the surveillance tapes from a local business nearby, hoping to see what happened. The business owner didn’t see this particular accident but he has seen several happen there, he blames it on there not being big enough signs there and states they need better surveillance as well.

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