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Truck Collisions in California

Wrong Way Truck Collision

Oh how I dislike passing a wreck, especially when a big rig truck is involved. That usually means someone is hurt, or worse.

On Monday morning there were two people injured just south of downtown Los Angeles when a car was going the wrong way on a one way street collided with a delivery truck. The truck was carrying carbon dioxide. Scary stuff!

The fiery crash was reported very early in the morning, around three,thirty a.m. The crash happened in the 1500 block of South Central Avenue. The driver of the car, who was reportedly in his twenties, was going 70 mph and the wrong way when he hit a dip in the street and then crashed into a truck.

The crash was caught on security video from a local business. On the video, you can see that the Honda Accord car had actually went airborne through the intersection just before it landed into a cluster of sparks. The truck driver saw the scene before him and tried to swerve to miss the on coming crash.

Wrong-Way Driver Crashes Into Tanker Truck

The male driver of the truck, that was carrying the non-flammable chemical had to be hospitalized but was reported to be in fair condition. The driver of the Honda was luckily rescued and then hospitalized, even though he was in critical condition.

There was at least one witness that was seen on the security video, the witness ran to the scene to try to help the crash victims.

Josue Morales Statement:

I saw like an explosion, so I came this way and saw it was a car crash. I ran to the car and saw someone was in the car. I was trying to help, you know, but it was too smashed, so I couldn’t do anything.

CHP Deals with Onion Truck Collision

It’s not every day that you hear about an onion truck collision. However, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was quick to respond.

A California highway had to be closed down on Tuesday due to an unusual accident. The incident left the highway covered in onion. Can’t and do NOT want to imagine that smell.

The CHP told the local news that the truck that was hauling the onions was involved in a crash with two other vehicles. The crash happened on I-10 in the city of, Yucaipa. From the Caltrans traffic cams you can see that there were two loads of the onions dumped just before the entrance ramp. Talk about a stinky morning.

Los Angeles Automobile Versus Truck Accident

Large commercial trucks range in weight between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds and can reach lengths of up to 53 feet. An average passenger vehicle weighs roughly 3,000 pounds, so you can imagine the devastation when these two unmatched machines collide. Immense property damage, often resulting in the total decimation of a vehicle is common and extreme injuries that render a victim paralyzed or maimed are frequent. In some extreme cases such accidents result in fatalities, leaving family members to deal with immense psychological and emotional distress  as well financial burdens as a result of medical bills and funerary expenses.

Truck accidents involving automobiles are caused by a wide array of factors that range from:

  • Maintenance Negligence: This occurs when a trucking company or driver fails to adequately maintain equipment and perform routine inspections. Without proper inspections, equipment can fall into disrepair and go unnoticed, causing dangerous situations on the highway.
  • Overloading Cargo: May create an unstable load that is more prone to roll over accidents
  • Excessive Speed: Lessens a driver’s reaction time to respond to road hazards and other drivers
  • Reckless and Aggressive Driving: While operating a large truck and trailer is unsafe for the driver and other motorists based on the sheer size and mass of the rig.
  • Equipment Malfunction: May cause the truck to become unstable, removing the integrity of its foundation and functionality.
  • Driving Under the Influence of an Illegal Substance: Is highly illegal and responsible for the severe impairment of judgment and ability to safely operate machinery.
  • Poor Driving Conditions such as a Snow and Ice: May cause large truck and trailer rigs to slide out of control, careening off of embankments or into other vehicles.
  • Driver Fatigue: Creates a volatile situation when you combine drowsiness and nodding off at the wheel in a massive piece of machinery traveling at high speeds
  • Impaired Vision from Night Driving: Makes it difficult for drivers to recognize potential road hazards and conditions.
  • Overloaded Trucks: Brake Failure: Makes it difficult or impossible to slow a heavy load safely, potentially resulting in a serious accident.
  • Inexperienced Drivers: May result in a collision based on a new truck operator’s lack of exposure to driving hazards when a commercial company does not take the time to sufficiently train and educate them to uphold the highest safety measures on the road.
  • Failure to Follow Posted Traffic Signage: Creates dangerous driving situations such as ignoring “one way” indications that may result in collisions with oncoming traffic.
  • Insufficient Driver Training: May result in a collision based on a new truck operator’s lack of exposure to driving hazards when a commercial company does not take the time to sufficiently train and educate them to uphold the highest safety measures on the road.
  • Defective or Damaged Equipment: May result in a malfunctioning of the truck and trailer, such as a tire blow out that can cause a truck to roll over based on it being rendered unstable.

Experience that speaks for itself

Following an accident with a commercial truck and trailer, it is not uncommon to be left with debilitating injuries and major financial burdens. If you or someone you love have been involved in a truck related accident, seek legal representation immediately. Having a skilled attorney on your side will be extremely important in establishing a solid case and to ensure compensation for damages suffered.  Commercial Trucking Companies and Insurance Providers will try their best to minimize responsibility and payout, so it is important to fully understand your rights.


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