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Wrong Way Truck Collision

Oh how I dislike passing a wreck, especially when a big rig truck is involved. That usually means someone is hurt, or worse.

On Monday morning there were two people injured just south of downtown Los Angeles when a car was going the wrong way on a one way street collided with a delivery truck. The truck was carrying carbon dioxide. Scary stuff!

The fiery crash was reported very early in the morning, around three,thirty a.m. The crash happened in the 1500 block of South Central Avenue. The driver of the car, who was reportedly in his twenties, was going 70 mph and the wrong way when he hit a dip in the street and then crashed into a truck.

The crash was caught on security video from a local business. On the video, you can see that the Honda Accord car had actually went airborne through the intersection just before it landed into a cluster of sparks. The truck driver saw the scene before him and tried to swerve to miss the on coming crash.

Wrong-Way Driver Crashes Into Tanker Truck

The male driver of the truck, that was carrying the non-flammable chemical had to be hospitalized but was reported to be in fair condition. The driver of the Honda was luckily rescued and then hospitalized, even though he was in critical condition.

There was at least one witness that was seen on the security video, the witness ran to the scene to try to help the crash victims.

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