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8 Year Old Bitten By Several Pit Bulls

8 Year Old Girl Recovering From Several Pit Bulls Attacking Her

Pit Bulls attacking aren’t uncommon these days. People love the beautiful breed however, some people do not train the dogs like they should. Pit Bulls have great breeding for an agility dog, which is why people train them to do cruel things. It’s in their nature and even if you train the dog to be perfectly well behaved, they sometimes slip up.

On April 12, 2014 an eight year old little girl was still recovering after being bitten by several pit bulls in the Santa Monica area over that weekend.  According to Sgt. Jay Moroso from the Santa Monica Police Department, the attack happened at the 1800 block of the 21st street at around 8 o’clock in the evening on Sunday.


Pit Bulls Attack Little Girl


Moroso stated in the news release that the little girl was just visiting the home when two or more pit bulls bit her.


Neighbor, Rosalind Spann’s Statement:

I heard a little girl screaming ‘mommy, mommy.

According to Rosalind, she could hear the little girl running and then found her hiding inside of a parked car. Rosalind said that the little girl was bleeding from her little feet, her arms and also from her back. According to Moroso, the eight year old little girl was quickly taken to the hospital and where she received multiple stitches.

According to the police, the little girl was safe at home and resting on Monday. Her mother told the authorities that the little girl was in a “considerable” amount of pain due to the pit bulls bites.

Three pit bulls were taken from their owners and were to be quarantined for at least ten days. The first police investigation found no evidence of criminal conduct committed by the dog owner.


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