8 Year Old Girl Bitten By Two or Three Pit Bulls

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8 Year Old Bitten by Pit Bulls While Visiting a Residence

Dog attacks are becoming more common but Pit Bull attack numbers are growing steadily. Recently an eight year old little girl was attacked by two, possibly three pit bulls while she was visiting a residence in Santa Monica. The dogs were under quarantine on Monday and the little girl was recovering at home.

The multiple dog attack was at the 1800 block of 21st Street at around 8 o’clock Sunday evening. The police say that the dogs are still quarantined and will later be returned to their owners. The young girl and her mother are pretty upset that more isn’t being done about the attack.

L’kenjha Murp, the little girl, is in good spirits even though she has bites on her legs, backside, and her arms. The mother of Murp wants to know what happened to make the dogs attack her little girl.

Murp’s Mother’s statement about the pit bulls

I definitely think the dogs should be put down or either taken out of their care because nobody is really safe, because the dog just flipped out, even on the owner.

The poor little girl can not move much due to the pain so she rests on her family couch. They say that she has almost a dozen dog bite wounds across the left side of her little body. The marks go all the way from her feet to her shoulder.

Murp talks about the attack on her

It hurted (sic) because he has long teeth.

That poor girl. Apparently she was enjoying Easter Sunday with some friends who live in the back house that is when the dogs rushed out to the front house and then attacked her.

Murp’s Mother’s Description of the Attack

It was very, very hard just seeing your child suffering, screaming. Her shoulder just ripped almost off, bleeding from everywhere.

According to the police, one of the dogs owners was also bit that day. That bite happened when the owner tried to pull the dog off of the little girl. That dog and the other two that were in the house are all in quarantine and checked for rabies. They will likely be released since the dogs have no prior evidence of violence.

Source: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Dog-had-Really-Long-Teeth-Girl-Attacked-Pit-Bulls-256097941.html

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