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Driver Killed in Crash

When you think of Hawaii you think of beautiful water, beaches and greenery. You don’t really think of vehicles or vehicle crashes. However, as long as there’s vehicles a crash can happen.

According to reports, a Honolulu driver was killed and his passenger was critically injured. This was due to their crash in California Mille. The driver hasn’t been identified by the CHP yet. The driver was driving eastbound on State Route 128. He veered off the road and sadly hit a tree. The driver wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

The passenger in the Jaguar was wearing their seatbelt and was able to survive the impact. CHP was able to identify the passenger as Ai Origake. Ai suffered from major injuries and had to be taken to the Santa Rosa Memorial hospital. According to reports, both the driver and passenger are from Honolulu.

This is thought to be the first fatality in the event’s 27 year history.

Car Plows into Crowd

Irony at it’s finest. A car crash into an auto auction facility. Tragically, three people lost their life in the crash though. Two others have life threatening injuries.

This happened when a vehicle crashed into a crowd and then rammed through a wall.

District Attorney’s Statement:

The information we have right now suggests that this was a tragic accident. From what we know at this point, some people have head injuries and there are a number of back, leg and torso injuries.

the reports say that the victims were a man and two women. Nine other people suffered injuries, one of those had life threatening injuries. The hospital doctor said that two people are in critical condition.  The brother of a victim said that his sister was killed in the car auction crash.

A spokesman for the Lahey Hospital said that there were at least six patients from the car auction crash. Lowell General Hospital said that eight people showed up to their hospital for treatment. All but one of those victims have been released after their treatment.

There was apparently an auction going on at the time of the crash. Just like every Wednesday. The vehicles in the auctions area always only driven by employees so that they could hopefully prevent accidents. They are often moved through the building during the day so that people can bid on them. At the time of the crash, there was a Jeep Cherokee inside of the auction site. Someone was moving it when they for whatever reason lost control of the Jeep and then hit a wall. The driver at the time was an older male who was in his seventies. He was an employee of the auction site.

Auction Crash

The vehicles in the auction building are typically going under five miles per hour. Witnesses gave reports that the Jeep was traveling at least twenty miles per hour. The Jeep hit three people which ended their life.

Witness Statement:

It’s pretty bad. There was a loud noise, everyone started running. Just a car was through the wall, there were people on the ground. It was definitely an accident, It wasn’t purposeful.

The reports are unsure of what caused the driver to speed. He wasn’t hospitalized.

The police say that several hundred customers as well as a few hundred others were in the building at the time of the crash.

Fire Chief, Thomas Conway’s Statement:

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