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Dog Attacks 3 Year Old Boy in Lowe’s Store

A 3 year old toddler had asked to pet a leashed, Akita dog that then the dog attacked the boy. The owner and his dog were gone by the time police and emergency workers arrived to the scene. Luckily, they later found the man and dog. The toddler needed around fifty stitches to treat the wounds.

On that Sunday afternoon the 3 year old little boy was bitten on his neck and face. The father of the toddler, held his bleeding child helplessly and waited for emergency workers to arrive. The man with the dog offered no help, and actually left the store with his pet in a hurry.

During the accident the dog owner who had allowed the boy to pet the leased dog, pulled the dog off of the toddler then heartlessly left the child there. The man left the store with his dog.Luckily, the security camera caught everything on tape and showed perfectly what happened.

The camera also shows the man putting his dog into a white pickup truck outside and then him driving off. ¬†Luckily, police later identified the dog owner as a 62 year old local man who often visited the Lowe’s store. He ended up telling the investigators that the reason he fled was because he feared they would take his dog away from him.

Unfortunately for the elder man, the dog was removed from his home and quarantined at the local shelter. It will be quarantined while the Riverside County District Attorney’s office considers filing charges against the owner.

The child has not been identified but is luckily recovering at the Rady Children’s Hospital. Some shoppers pointed out that this incident should cause concern over the store’s policy to allow dogs inside.

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