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Bed Bug Problem in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Makes Top 50 List for Bed Bug

On Wednesday Los Angeles made it to the top five in the list of exterminator’s “Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List”. Which I’m not sure that is a list they would be proud about. According to the Orkin Company (pest control company) Los Angeles climbed up twenty-five spots to place number five in the annual list of bed bug infested cities.

Cincinnati help the number one spot and Chicago held the number two spot, but several other large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles did show an increase in the number of bed bug treatments in 2011. They Bay Area is number twelve on the list which jumped up thirty-five spots.

Ron Harrison, Orkin entomologist, stated that in the recent years that bed bugs have appeared to be getting carried south to areas like Los Angeles and Dallas. Pretty much places that are huge transportation hubs.

Harrion comments on the growing bed bug infestation

I think everybody in the county ought to be concerned,You have to be cautious where you travel and not stay in hotels where you have bed bugs. The worry isn’t as much about getting bit as it is about bringing them into the home.

Mr. Harrison also said that the bed bugs do carry human pathogens. They can leave itchy welts on their victims, thankfully they do not carry diseases though. Harrison estimated that Orkin has treated thousand of homes and businesses in California. The company owns about a 20% market share.

Harrison estimates the treatments for bed bugs in Los Angeles range from several hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. The Orkin’s study report that bed bug extermination business was up 33.6% last year.

Harrison’s comment about living with bed bug treatments

If you find yourself in a situation with an infestation, it’s not pleasant, Changing your life for months is not fun.

Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto- The Northern California cities, were all grouped together for the study. They collectively finished forty-first, they were the third and final California area on the top fifty list.

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