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Residents in Apartment Complex Complain of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs are pretty disgusting little creatures. They attack at night, when you’re most vulnerable and then leave little sores all over you that itches like crazy. Residents in a local apartment complex in Canoga Park have been having a horrible time with them back in 2012. They claimed they are “fed up” with the infestation and want the bed bugs gone. Who could blame them though? Yuck, makes me itch all over just typing this.

The people who complained of the infestation live in a luxury home, they live at the Riata luxury Apartment Homes which is located in the 8500 block of De Soto Avenue. I bet the residents aren’t thinking that the apartment complex are all that luxury back in 2012 when this happened.  The residents at the time, Lori Sievers and her fiancee said that they paid (at the time) $1,000 a month in rent! I’d be mad too, who would pay that much and live with the bed bugs that “eat them alive”.

Another resident, Susan Durant and her husband claimed that their apartment had been infested at the time too. The also claimed that the bed bugs was making them sick. The group tried to get help from the on-site manager, asking him to take care of the problem, however the group with fresh little bed bug bites and scars all over them didn’t receive any of the help they wanted.

Residents Band Together to Rid Bed Bugs from Their Homes

The leader of the group, Sievers had organized the resident meetings to hopefully address the problem. However, that’s not exactly what happened. She actually recieved a violation notice, warning her that meeting on the complex property weren’t allowed.

KTLA news arrived to the complex and was able to talk with the on-site manager, they asked if she were aware of the bed bug problem.

Site-Manager’s Statement:

That’s not true, and I refuse, that’s not true. I didn’t say it’s not true.  If there are any, we scheduled and they refused the service and we have proof of that.

The owner of the apartments wasn't able to be reached. The complex was owned by "Halt-Ten Riata Lp".


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