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Bed bugs are notorious travelers that move easily among their human hosts. They remain mostly unnoticed until the unfortunate victim becomes aware of itchy, red welts. Bed bugs invaded North American cities several decades ago and have wreaked havoc ever since. They were common in the United States before World War II, but advances in insecticides all but eliminated the pests. In recent years, however, they’ve experienced a resurgence due to the increased mobility of their human food source. They hide under mattresses, biting the unsuspecting and requiring expert and costly extermination.

“People and goods are traveling more widely and in greater numbers than ever before. Bed bugs are nocturnal, small, shy, and easily overlooked – and the adults can live for half a year without food – making them perfect stowaways in luggage and shipping crates,” said a report by a state pest management program.

College students are a very mobile population, so it comes as no surprise that a major university has recently reported a bed bug infestation in their dormitories.

The bed bug infestation has displaced several students from two separate dorm rooms in one of the campus’s residential halls.

The most recent case of bed bugs was reported after a student staying in a four-person suite in residential hall noticed what appeared to be a bed bug infestation on a piece of personal furniture brought into the suite. Furniture moved in from another location is one of the most common sources of bed bug infestations.

Four students were relocated and their room and personal items were fumigated, and other items received heat treatments. The university covers all of the costs associated with extermination.

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