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The need for cleanup and trash removal along California freeways and highways is a never ending task. A constant stream of cars and big rigs travel these routes and a careless few leave signs of their passing in the form of bottles, cans, and fast food containers along the shoulders. The responsibility to clean up this mess falls to the state.

Ever mindful of taxpayer anger with increasing budgets, the resourceful state turns to the court system for a little help. That help comes in the form of citizens who have need of performing a little public service in order to fulfill a legal obligation. Such persons are presented with the opportunity to be seen on our highways wearing orange jump suits and to perform the necessary cleanup. Unfortunately, this opportunity can sometimes be dangerous.

Big rig trucks can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds and may be 65-75 feet long. Drivers can have a poor view of the traffic around them. Cleanup crews, even when all the safety precautions the state can be implement are in place, can be especially vulnerable when a big rig passes by. If a big rig swerves at just the wrong moment, the results can lead to injuries for many people.

Big Rig Smashes in to work crew on state highway, injuring nine people

Authorities say a big rig truck veered into a litter crew on a state highway, injuring nine people including the driver.
The officials say the truck swerved and ran off of the highway early Wednesday morning and collided with the back of a state road crew truck parked on the eastbound shoulder.

This road crew truck in turn hit a parked van containing some members of a court-ordered cleanup crew. Some crew members also were standing by the van.
A total of two state employees and six litter crew members received minor to moderate injuries.

Officials say the trucker, who had to be freed from the wreckage, had moderate to major injuries.

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