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A big rig crash can be pretty terrifying. It's a large vehicle which if something goes wrong, isn't good. A big rig crashing could cause even more crashes which means more people could be injured.

According to recent repots, a driver of a big rig truck was arrested for his connection in a deadly crash that ended thirteen people's lives. The driver, fifty-one year old, Bruce Guildford was charged with 42 felony charges as well as misdemeanor counts. Some of those counts include: vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence as well as reckless driving causing injury.
What happened to cause such a sad experience? According to reports, Guilford fell asleep behind the wheel of his big rig with his parking brakes set. This was while California Highway Patrol officers had traffic temporarily stopped on Interstate 10 for construction. However, when CHP reopened the lanes, Guilford didn't move.

Due to this, a Los Angeles bound tour bus full of passengers accidently plowed into the back of the big rig, traveling at 76 mph.

Thirteen people on the bus died that day. Including the driver. There were twenty-nine other people sadly injured that day as well.

After an investigation, the investigators found out that in the days leading up to the crash, Guilford violated 20 hours of service regulations. Those regulations are designed to keep the fatigued drivers off of the road. According to reports, Guilford regularly violated the maximum driving time regulations and even lied about it on his daily log that all drivers have to keep.

Guilford was arrested in Georgia by the U.S. Marshal Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force. Guilford is being held on a $500,000 bail. Which doesn't seem that high seeing as how many people were injured and killed.

The federal officials say that the tour bus was also a little at fault since the bus didn't comply with vehicle safety standards. Why? Because two of the eight tires on the bus lacked sufficient tread. The tour bus was a 1996 model which is manufactured by Motor Coach Industries actually had no seat belts and didn't have brakes before the collision.
Road rage can be pretty dangerous. Police officials say that they have luckily arrested a motorcyclist who allegedly set off a chain reaction crash. The crash happened due to apparent road rage incident. The incident happened on the 14 Freeway.

According to the reports, the crash was actually caught on video by a passing motorist. The video of course went viral on social media.

In the video you can see a person riding a motorcycle. The person kicks the car and then the car swerves. The driver then hits the center divider and spins back into traffic, then hits a pickup truck. The hit ended up causing the pickup truck to flip over before it finally came to a stop.

Forty-five year old, Andrew Flanigan was arrested and booked on $110,000 bail. He had three felony charges which include: assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving, and hit and run.

On Wednesday the CHP had a press conference about the incident. According to California Highway Patrol Asst. Chief Mark Garret explained that Flanigan was identified as the motorcyclist in the video. CHP officials and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office were able to determine that Flanigan was the main purpose of the crash.

The driver of the truck also suffered moderate injuries due to the wreck.



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Victims of truck accidents may suffer severe physical injuries that may include:


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