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Big Rig Crash Leaves a Sticky Mess after the Wreck

A big rig hauling some Honey crashed and ended up on its side. The police had to close all the lanes so they could hopefully prevent the nectar from leaking into the storm drains. On the California Highway Patrol’s twitter account one of the personnel even posted “Honey, I’m going to be late.”

Funny, coincidence is that just a week before, an eighteen-wheeler that was hauling carrot-filled tanks have over turned in the Lake Los Angeles area. This accident ended up hurting five people and ended up burying a car in a 4 foot wall of Vitamin A. Luckily the two people that were inside of the car were unharmed.

In February there was a tidal wave of milk that spilled out of a tanker truck when it crashed on the 134. The dairy milk was declared as a “haz-mat spill.”

Of course some big rig accidents are pretty dangerous. Such as a big rig dumping cement inside of a house. The driver was injured but luckily no one was in the home.

The really scary crashes are the ones with fuel or dangerous material. In October there was a big rig that crashed against a guardrail. That guardrail happened to be on a bridge which was over the 710 Commerce. The truck dangled over the edge of the bridge and ended up spilling 8,000 gallons of fuel. The fuel caused a fire to spread along the freeway and a nearby road. The driver of the big rig and another person were injured in the crash. There were two cars that were parked nearby and they were incinerated.

Another accident happened in July, this time a tanker big rig overturned at the junction of the two and five freeways. The tanker leaked 8,500 gallons of burning gas into the nearby river. The lake was open for kayakers and some were set on fire. The underpass took $16 million to fix and several months to rebuild. The driver of the tanker was uninjured.

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