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Big Rig Crash Causes Delays and Injuries on Highway

According to the CHP (California Highway Patrol) There were two separate crashes that was on the same stretch of the Interstate Highway 80 in Contra Costa County early in the morning. The crash sadly ended in a fatality and numerous injuries.

CHP Officer, Brandon Correia said that there were seven people injured in the two crashes. They both happened on Highway 80 in Crockett where Caltrans work was actually being done overnight.

Correia said that the first incident had happened around 1:35 in the morning and was near the Cummings Skyway on ramp as the sedan slowed down close to a stop as the lanes had tapered off for the highway construction work.

There was an ambulance that was following behind the sedan and had failed to adjust it speed accordingly then collided with the back of the sedan. Unfortunately all three people inside of the ambulance suffered from major injuries. The sole occupant of the sedan luckily suffered minor injuries.

Ambulance and Sedan Crash

The Winters woman was driving the ambulance and had to be taken to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center which is in the Vallejo area. The two passengers in the ambulance, a man from Alameda and a woman from San Francisco had to be taken to the John Muir Medical Center which is in Walnut Creek. Luckily they were all in stable condition according to Correia.

The crash was then followed by another crash which happened about two hours later but was in the same area.

According to Correia, there was another crash at 3:24 in the morning. This time it was a big rig and a Mazda sedan that collided. The reasons for the crash is unknown at this time. The reports stated that the vehicles were pushed toward the center divider and then careened back into the traffic, after they crashed into it. There were three more vehicles that then also became involved in the crash.

The driver of the sedan was a man from Davis whose name hasn’t been released yet was sadly pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. All of the three vehicles that were involved in the chain reaction crash had occupants who suffered minor injuries. The big rig driver also suffered from minor injuries as well. Everyone who was involved in the crash remained at the scene.

Both of the crashes are still being investigated at this time, however Correia states that the preliminary investigation proves that alcohol and drugs aren’t considered factors in the crashes. The crash of course prompted lane closures.

If anyone has any information about these crashes please call the CHP at (925) 646-4980.

Two Die in Big Rig Crash

According to the reports, two people were killed and one other was injured when a big rig, a stakebed truck, and a car collided in the Castaic area.

According to the CHP, The crash happened on State Route 126 at the Chiquito Canyon Road. The crash caused the stakebed to spill lemon’s across the highway. State Route 126 was shut down in both directions so that the crews could clear the roadway.

The CHP investigators think that the stakebed truck was going westbound on Highway 126 when a Toyota Corolla on Chiquito Canyon Road and then made a right turn onto the highway and then the two collided.

The impact from the crash sent the Toyota careening about 150 feet down the road. According to the CHP the stakebed truck veered into the eastbound lanes and then collided head on with another big rig.

The driver of the big rig and the driver of the Toyota sadly died in the crash. The CHP said that the driver of the stakebed truck had to be taken to the hospital and luckily walked away with minor injuries.

Other drivers have said that they consider the intersection dangerous. Many of those “others” were waiting during the traffic to clear.

Phillip Agapiou’s Statement:

The traffic travels so quick on this highway and there are so many blind turns that usually by the time you pull off a side street the traffic is already on you.

Three people were killed during the crash while others were injured.

CHP Investigates Possible Street Race Crash

A crash was reported around midnight. According to the CHP, the crash was on the northbound 5 Freeway which was near the Washington Boulevard exit.

The CHP officials believe that a Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger were racing on the southbound 5 Freeway. They were traveling around 90 miles per hour. The driver of the Challenger tried to go around a slower moving vehicle then lost control and hit a UPS semi-truck.

The semi then crashed into the center median and became airborne. Through all of this it hit a gray Nissan sedan that was traveling northbound. The semi sheared the roof of the Nissan before it landed on a red Ford Explorer. The Explorer was traveling northbound and then burst into flames. The debris from the collision hit at least two other vehicles.

There were three people that died from the crash, several others were injured.

Javier Gonzalez Statement about the Crash:

I just seen a UPS truck go up in the air over the center divider. He landed in front of me and I just locked my brakes up and I plowed into the truck. Everything burst into flames.

The driver of the UPS big rig and a man and woman in their twenties were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. There were at least four other people that were critically injured. Two other people had to be treated for their minor injuries.

According to the CHP, one of the street racers were identified as thirty-five year old, Dealio Lockart. He was taken into custody and is now facing vehicular manslaughter charges. As for the second driver, he or she fled the scene.

UPS Spokesman Statement:

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