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Head On Big Rig Crash

No one wants to have a head on collision while driving. I think it’s safe to say that one of everyone’s biggest fears is being involved in a big rig crash. Being on a motorcycle would make it ten thousand times more scary.

A dramatic head on collision was caught on a GoPro camera and then posted on line. The crash was between a motorcycle rider and a fire truck. Talk about a terrifying experience.

Jesse Lopez is the one who uploaded the video onto YouTube. The crash description on the YouTube video stated that the crash had happened on April first. The crash had happened when he was riding his motorcycle on a curvy road known as Glendora Ridge Road which is in the Angeles National Forest.

Mr. Lopez also stated on the YouTube post that he could remember riding on the very curvy, mountain road but he couldn’t remember the moments just before or right after the crash had happened.

GoPro Video Shows Big Rig Crash

The GoPro video showed there was a motorcycle who was maneuvering around several of the roads curves just before the motorcycle began to bounce in the roadway. The bouncing caused the driver to be thrown to the left side of the street and into the path of an oncoming fire truck. Talk about a scary moment in time.

After the crash, you could hear voices on the video. They were trying to find out the mile marker on the road so that the emergency workers could find the injured motorcycle rider.

Apparently there was some criticism over someone recording the emergency workers trying to help the injured motorcycle rider. However, Mr. Lopez claims that it was a friend of his and he had actually asked his friend to pick up the GoPro camera.

Lopez’s Statement on His YouTube Post:

He picked it up because I wanted it. He was here for me after the accident and would visit me.

Box Truck Big Rig Truck Crashes Into Teen Girl

On a Monday a young, thirteen year old girl was fatally struck as she was riding her bicycle near a Santa Ana school. The Orange County Coroner Division was able to identify the girl.

Thirteen year old, Priscilla Vallejo was riding her bicycle on Center Street through the Edinger Avenue Intersection. She was riding her bike early that morning, around seven thirty that morning in front of the Diamond Elementary School. That is when she was sadly struck and killed by a box truck who was in the area, according to Jeffery Smith who is a watch commander with the Santa Ana Police Department.

The intersection is also across the street from another campus called Gerald P. Carr Intermediate School.

According to the Coroner Department’s website, Unfortunately, Priscilla was pronounced dead at seven, forty-two that morning. The report also said that she had died just four days before her fourteenth birthday.

There was a video that showed the whole thing. It showed a bicycle was lodged beneath an unmarked box truck. The truck was next to the sidewalk which was directly in front of the elementary school.

There were several Santa Ana police officers on the scene which remained there for hours after the collision so that they could investigate and try to find a cause of the accident.

The driver was unidentified. But according to a man who was “distraught” over the collision.The driver was an employee of the Santa Ana Unified School District and he stayed at the scene of the collision and was cooperating with the investigating officers.

Dr. Stefanie Phillips, who is the Santa Ana Unified School District Deputy Superintendent, stated on Monday that the crash was “deeply torubling” and that they safety of all the school students is always the district’s “top priority”.

Phillips Written Quote:

Our crisis team of trained responders has been dispatched to Carr Intermediate and Diamond Elementary Schools, and counseling services are being provided to students.

Santa Ana Police Department is investigating the accident. We continue to cooperate fully with the Santa Ana Police Department.

There was an ongoing investigation happening, according to the news reports.

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