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Head On Crash with Big Rig

A head on crash is probably never a good thing. There’s a good chance someone is hurt, but a head on crash with a Big Rig, someone is probably severely injured or dead. That’s sadly the case when a twenty-two year old woman was killed in a head on crash with a big rig in Gardena.

The coroners office was able to identify the victim as twenty-two year old, Ruth Navas. She sadly passed away after the crash that happened around four o’clock on a Wednesday. It happened in the 1200 block of El Segundo Boulevard.

According to the reports from Officer Dan Zuleta who is with the California Highway Patrol, Ruth Navas was travelling westbound on the El Segundo. She was driving a black Nissan Sentra. The car clipped the big rig, that was actually stopped in the center turning lane and then spun out of control. The sedan ended up in the eastbound lanes, it was then struck head on by a completely different big rig.

The battalion chief with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Navas was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. She was first identified by a CHP official, saying she was a twenty-three year old woman from Los Angeles.

The coroner’s office gave her an age of twenty-two however they didn’t ¬†give out any information where Navas had resided.

The Fire Department had to use the Jaws of Life to remove a juvenile passenger, who was only described as a girl in her early to mid teens. The young lady had to be transported to the local hospital for examination.

According to witness reports, the driver was using her cellphone at the time of the first collision. However, there has not been a cause determined at this time. Let’s hope the young lady just had a freak accident and wasn’t being as careless as using a cellphone, especially since she had a young person in the car with her.

Do NOT ever use your cellphone and drive. Nothing is that important that it can’t wait until you’re stopped to reply.

Vehicle Crashes into Aqueduct

I’m sure that in California, they see all kinds of different crashes. Hardly anything surprises them at this point. However, seeing a vehicle crash into an Aqueduct would still be shocking.

On Wednesday, a vehicle crashed into the California Aqueduct in Hesperia. The divers searched the area for the driver of the vehicle but had no success in finding one.

According to Officer Matt Hunt from the California Highway Patrol, the vehicle crashed into the waterway around 12:30 p.m. the crash was just off of Highway 395 near Avenal Street.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department sent out it’s dive team and started the search for the driver of the vehicle, according to Officer Hunt.

There was a video from the scene that showed a silver vehicle floating in the aqueduct. There was at least one helicopter scoping the area overhead.

The commander of the Sheriff’s dive team, took to Twitter to confirm that the search for the driver would continue in the morning.

Fiery Crash in Hollywood

Fiery crashes rarely end well. This case is no different. A fiery crash in Hollywood has resulted in the deaths of two people. One of those being a Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The other, was a man who, according to the police, fled the scene of a traffic stop early Monday morning.

The deadly crash happened after the police was in the middle of a traffic stop. The traffic stop was near Sunset Boulevard and Argyle Avenue. It happened quite early in the morning, at 1:45 a.m. According to Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Marlon Marrache, the reasoning behind the traffic stop was not immediately known.

A female passenger stepped out of the silver Camaro that was stopped. She was being investigated by the police, when the male driver quickly fled the scene.

The male driver then crashed into a custodial van, which was near Hollywood Boulevard and North Gower Street. The van then burst into flames right after the crash. The MTA employee who was inside of the Van was pronounced dead at the scene.


At first the Officials said that the driver was chased by the police, however Marrache later said that he crashed a minuted after he fled the scene, a pursuit never happened.

The driver of the fleeing vehicle was described as a man who is in his late twenties. He was transported to the local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The investigating officers began to search the area for any possible surveillance video. It was not immediately clear if the officers were wearing body cameras during the initial traffic stop.

Officers expected Hollywood Boulevard to be closed near the crash scene, for an unknown amount of time.

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