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Football Player Brain Injury

A brain injury is one of the scariest injuries you can get. It takes a special physician and there’s very little they can tell you about the situation.

Recently a California teen was sadly hurt from a traumatic brain injury. This happened during a football game in Santa Rosa.

According to the reports, the seventeen year old boy is a Fortuna High School senior. His name is Bailey Foley. Bailey was on the sidelines when he started to have a seizure.

Teen Taken to Hospital

Bailey had to be taken to the local hospital so that the doctors could look at him. During his examination they found that he suffered a traumatic head injury.

The head varsity Coach, Mike Benbow told the news that they don’t know when the injury actually happened. However, Bailey didn’t show any signs that he was hurt until he came off to the side.

Tara Johnson, one of Bailey’s parents, said that he might have been suffering from a heat stroke.

The seriousness of the seizure wasn’t found out until after Bailey arrived at the hospital. The doctors had to give him a lot of medicine for his brain swelling to go down.

Bailey’s family still isn’t sure what the brain injury is from.

Brain Injury Victim

Sadly, a brain injury isn’t something that a lot of people make it back from. There’s a ton of amazing doctors that try to bring life back into people but sometimes the trauma to the brain is just too much.

Now, the fight is tragically over for one Chino Hills High School basketball player, Nnamdi Okongwu.

Okongqu was only seventeen years old and had a very promising future ahead of him. He had to be taken off life support and sadly passed away on Friday morning.

Okongqu was a very tall young man which makes him perfect for basketball, he stood at 6 foot 9 inches tall. He played as a center and would have been a senior this fall. Sadly he had a serious head injury during a skateboard accident on Tuesday. The young man had to be airlifted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. He was in a coma and on life support until he passed on Friday.

Cooper’s Former Coach’s Statement:

He was a big, joyful kid. He had really matured as a basketball player, but he was the same happy person. This is a shame. He had a bright future ahead of him.

Such a sad loss when such a great person dies so young. He had his whole life ahead of him and now his poor family has to mourn his death.

Baik’s Statement:

I loved him for his amazing heart as a person. He just loved people and was at his best being a son, a brother, a friend and a teammate. I would sometimes ask him about his family, and he would always light up talking about them. He bragged that his younger brothers were going to be better basketball players than him. I could always sense that he was proud of being a big brother to his siblings and a son to such loving and hard working parents.

Okongwu was going to do great things. He already had a scholarship offer from Division I Loyola Marymount as well as gaining interest from several Pac-12 Schools. Which is huge if you love sports. Which he obviously did.

There is going to be a candlelight vigil in his name at the school’s football stadium at 7:30.

Brain Injury Facts

A brain injury can happen any time the brain is “forced against the inside of your skull” this can be due to an accident or an injury. There’s several things that can cause this, like a hard blow to the head may cause movement of the brain inside of the skull. A hard blow could even cause a fracture or bleeding. Any of those things can cause a serious brain injury.

Effects of Brain Injury

Bruising: As soon as the soft tissue of the brain is thrown against the hard bone of the skull, blood vessels tear, releasing blood into the skull. There’s no room for this excess blood, since the skull can’t expand. This causes the blood to press against brain tissue, increasing the risk that areas of the brain may quit functioning causing physical impairment or even death.

Tearing: When the brain is tossed forward and back during an injury, it can be torn. This tearing action disrupts the connections between the cells that control brain functioning.

Swelling: A traumatic brain injury can cause the brain to swell. With no room to accommodate the swelled brain, pressure builds, pushes down on the brain, and damages brain cells, creating impaired functions.

Brain Injuries can happen from: falls, shaking baby syndrome, vehicle accidents, impact with a moving object, and some are even from an attack. It seems like the most common brain injuries come from falls, sports injuries, or vehicle accidents.

So if you’re out and about be careful. You never know when you might slip and fall the right or wrong way and end up with a horrible brain injury. Or if you’re a sports fan and playing any type of sport always use the protective head gear. It’s made for a reason. Of course, even if you use it there’s always a chance that you still might end up hurt. So be careful out there.

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