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Bystanders Turn Hero when they Save 3 Injured People

When three people were injured near Times Square when a 15 foot high construction wall collapsed due to high winds. The wall trapped them underneath. Dozens of bystanders rushed to pull the two women and man free from the debris after they heard the cries for help.

The a storm hit all of a sudden which hit the city just after 10 am. The storm cause the plywood and metal wall that was set up around the building site to collapse. Emergency workers and passers by lifted the plywood and metal wall away from the victims.

Daily News interviewed Greg Muse and he stated that “Someone yelled, ‘There is someone under the wall’. There were probably 25 people lifting the wall, it was pretty heavy.” he finished. Greg is a 53 year old sales assistant from Boston.

First, two middle- aged Asian women were pulled free from the debris. One was injured and bleeding. Just moments later the Firefighters arrived and freed the man who was trapped. None of the victims name were released and they were taken to the hospital. According to meteorologist Tim Morrin, strong winders of 43 mph were reported in Central Park.

Briana Bigham was across the street when the accident occurred and she said that it just sounded like an explosion. She also said that the rain was like “biblical, pouring down” you couldn’t even see in front of you. She said one second it was sprinkling and the next you couldn’t even see in front of you.  

Einstein Construction is a Texas based construction company and was hired to refurbish the restaurant. According to the City Buildings department official, they have allegedly been given a violation order for the accident and had been told to stop work at the site.

Jennifer Fischer of the Einstein Construction company said that they were working on the interior and were not responsible for the exterior work.

Aziz Ahmady runs a food cart was one of the people who rushed to help after seeing the accident. He stated that you could hear them sort of crying out for help underneath the debris. He said that he just tried to pick up what he could when he heard the second lady.

The first woman that was pulled free was bleeding from her head, unsure of any other injures. The second woman appeared to be in shock and holding her midsection.

Manager of the Marc Joseph Salon, Joanna Di Maggio said that the injured women were just lying there, crying and screaming.

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