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Officer Killed in Big Rig Crash

The Hollywood division officers were simply responding to a call they received about "unknown" trouble. During their response is when the collision happened.

The incident happened around 8'clock in the morning and happened in a pretty narrow, curving residential area. The county coroner's office identified the officer as forty year old, Nicholas Choung Lee. According to Los Angeles Police Chief, Charlie Beck…Lee was a ten year veteran and was a respected training officer.

According to the reports, Officer Lee was training a rookie at the time who had only been out of the police academy for three months when their cruiser crashed with a truck that was hauling a trash container as well as a Bobcat loader. The road was pretty steep according to the authorities.

Sadly the patrol car was torn to pieces during the crash. The truck ended up on it's side and police think that he might have lost the brakes on the hill. The driver and rookie were pretty injured but are going to survive.
  She is alert, in considerable pain. She has a tremendous heart. She is determined to recover from her injuries.
Police reported that the driver had to be hospitalized as well.

The Police Commission President, Steve Soboroff visited the injured officer in the hospital. During her stay there she was always surrounded by friends and family.
  She was wearing a neck brace and she said she had a concussion and she had some bruises on her face and she’s remarkably lucid. Everyone in the room feels that she is the luckiest unlucky person in the world.
The Mayor, Eric Garcetti even made a statement about her being strong and was optimistic about her recovery. During this tragedy the Mayor also ordered the city flags to be lowered to half-staff in honor of Officer Lee.
  We grieve a hero this morning, an officer who gave his life in the service of Los Angeles.
According to the local news, just before 12:30 p.m. the police officers move a flag covered gurney carrying the officer's body from the accident scene to the ambulance. This was all between long rows of officers standing in salute to their fallen friend. Firefighters joined in and made a circle and their helmets doffed in respect as they watched beside the fire truck.

Officer Lee's body was taken to the local coroner's office, where it made another pass through a line of saluting colleagues.
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