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New Bus Safety Tips for California

Here are some tips for parents that want to make their children’s trip to school on the bus a little safer.

When Children Walk to the Bus Stop

  • Make sure everyone is on time. If you’re kids are a little late, let them walk quickly but no running.
  • Walk on sidewalks, if there are none stay on the left side of the road so that they are facing oncoming traffic. Only cross at intersections or crosswalks, if possible make sure they have a walking buddy.
  • Never talk to strangers. Do not accept anything from strangers, if a stranger approaches, stay away and notify an adult immediately.
  • It’s hard for drivers to see near the back tires or close to the sides of the bus or directly behind or infront of the bus so stay away from those areas.
  • When crossing the street wait for an “all clear” signal from the driver and make sure there’s no oncoming traffic.

Waiting on the bus

  •  Never run or play at the bus stop.
  • Stay off the street.
  • Respect property and people’s yards. Stay at your bus stop.
  • Be respectful and quiet, some neighbors might still be sleeping.

Getting on the bus

  • Stay back away from the road as the bus nears.
  • Form a single line in front of the bus door…no shoving, wait your turn.
  • People don’t always stop for buses so if you have to cross the street, check both ways and watch for traffic.
  • Always use the handrail when getting on and off the bus.
  • Move quickly but safely toward your seat, always make sure your backpack isn’t hitting other people as you walk to your seat.
  • Sit down in your seat asap.

Riding on the bus

  • Don’t be too loud, you can talk but do it quietly. The driver needs to concentrate on the road.
  • Stay seated in your seat.
  • Keep the aisle clear.
  • If your window is open make sure you keep everything inside the bus.
  • Never throw items on the bus.
  • Share your seat, no arguing over who shares the seat with you.
  • Always listen to your bus driver.

Getting off the bus

  •  Pay attention. When you’re close to your stop be ready to leave. Don’t keep everyone waiting.
  • Stay in your seat until the bus stops.
  • Leave the bus stop immediately so you’re not in the way of traffic. 

In case of emergency

  • Always listen to the driver and follow his/her instructions.
  • Stay Calm
  • Always help assisting others

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