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California freeways, aside from being world famous, provide a vital link in the state’s economy. This insures that many, many commercial vehicles share the road with ordinary passenger vehicles. For a much smaller car, being involved in a semi truck accident can be a very frightening experience. The traumatic injuries that can result from a car vs. semi accident — amputations, paralysis and brain damage – can leave a victim and loved ones feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

Under the law, the driver of a semi trailer or other commercial truck must exercise extreme care to avoid a rear end collision.
A thorough, experienced car accident attorney will consider all of the road conditions or other circumstances (road construction work zones or the weather, for example)that would have required the driver to drive more cautiously. In some rear end accident cases, there is a presumption of negligence under the law.

Rear Ended Near a Work Zone

Seven relatives, including four young children, were killed when their Jeep was crushed between two semis on Interstate 65 near Roselawn, Ind., about 70 miles from Chicago.

The accident happened around 10 p.m. when a northbound semi and the Jeep stopped for a traffic backup near a work zone, according to Indiana State Police. A semi behind the Jeep failed to stop and plowed into the SUV, pushing it into the back of the other semi, state police said.

The Jeep exploded into flames and the fire spread to both trucks, state police said.

Initially, police and fire crews could only see two bodies in the Jeep because it was so badly damaged and burned, authorities said. It was hauled to the Keener Township Fire Department and taken apart, and, over the course of several hours, emergency workers discovered five more bodies.

The driver of the lead semi was not injured, but the driver of the other truck was taken to Franciscan St. Anthony Hospital in Crown Point, Ind. with complaints of pain.

State police said the investigation into the crash was continuing but neither drugs nor alcohol was suspected as having contributed to the accident.

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