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Big Rig Truck Crash in California

Crashes happen daily. No matter how cautious you try to be, you can be in a crash before you can even blink. Whether it’s your fault or someone else’s they can happen at any time.

Police say that the driver of a big rig truck crushed a pickup truck. It happened in a Los Angeles, California suburb. After it happened the driver unhitched the trailer and took off, leaving the scene of a crash.

Police are now on the search for the trucker. They say that the 18 wheeler was involved in a minor crash just a block away before the big rig ran a red light then hit a pickup truck not long after three o’clock in the morning in the Vernon area.

There were television reports showing that the big rig left behind it’s trailer which was on top of a mangled truck.

The man in the pickup sadly died at the scene of the incident. The driver was free from the wreckage and was later taken to the local hospital. Police say that the man was in good condition.

Truck Driver Flees Incident

California police have identified the man as a “person of interest” in the hit and run incident. According to the Vernon Police Department, the crash was near the intersection of East 37th Street and South Santa Fe Avenue.

The police say that the driver ran a red light and collided with the Chevrolet pickup truck. When the emergency crews arrived to the scene of the crash the pickup truck was smashed by the trailer and the cab was missing from the 18 wheeler big rig.

Now the semi-truck driver is being searched for by the police. He’s in even more trouble since two people were trapped inside of the Chevrolet pickup truck. The driver of the pickup was rescued and taken to the hospital and had minor injuries. The passenger died. He was later identified as twenty-eight year old, Armando Murillo from the Pacoima area.

Police have been able to identify the hit and run person of interest, as Guillermo Ortiz Jr. and they think that he could have information about the crash. Police are trying to find him to talk to him and anyone else who might have witnessed the crash.

Police found the trailer’s cab abandoned in a parking lot which on 26th and Soto Streets. There was a restaurant employee near the site and she had found a beer next to the cab portion of the truck.

According to Linda Sanchez, she said that it looked like he had two beers and had left the rest of a 12 pack behind.

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