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Gang Member Kills Cousin During Car Crash

Gangs are pretty hardcore. Being in a gang gives someone complete control over your actions. Why anyone would want to do this is, is beyond me but gang’s are sadly pretty popular.

According to the authorities a recently paroled gang member killed his cousin then stole his car. Talk about a shady, not nice person. The gang member then shot and killed a California Police officer and wounded the officer’s partner. Then the gang member ended up wounding himself. Talk about a smart, thought out plan.

The Whittier Officer, Keith Lane Boyer died and Officer Patrick Hazel was wounded. They were just simply answering a traffic report call.

A motorist pointed out the location of the car that had rear-ended his vehicle. Then the officers approached the driver.

Lt. John Corina’s Statement:

When they get him out of the car, they go to pat him down for weapons, they can see he’s got tattoos all over his face and all over his neck.


The man then got a little wild and pulled a semi-automatic handgun form his waistband. He then opened fire at the officers, luckily they were wearing a bulletproof vest and were able to shoot back.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s Statement about the crash:

They walked up on the vehicle believing the motorist was in need of medical help and then they ended up in a gunfight for their lives.


The Whittier Police Chief, Jeff Piper said that Boyer was a dear friend, of more than twenty-five years.

Chief’s Statement:

All of us have been grieving. And I didn’t think I had any tears left.

The suspect was identified as a twenty-six year old gang member. He had a history of serious criminal acts. He received early release from the county jail a week before the incident.

The man got out to ask for help to push his stolen vehicle from the intersection.

The two responding officers didn’t know any of those details when they responded to the call. Boyer was announced dead when he got to the hospital. Hazel, who is a three year veteran, as well as the suspect was hospitalized in stable condition. They were both expected to live.

After the shooting there were a lonnng line of police cars that escorted the slain officer’s body from the hospital in Irvine to the coroner’s office. Mourners were there to place candles and flowers outside of the police headquarters.

Car Crash

Car Crashes are not my favorite topic. It’s scary and someone is most likely hurt. Plus the crash puts a burden on the person, even if they aren’t injured they have to have their vehicle repair and the long drawn out process of getting things situated with the insurance companies.

According to the reports, a man sadly passed away during a multi vehicle crash. There were ten other people injured and one critically injured person. The multi vehicle crash happened on the 5 Freeway near Griffith Park. There was a full closure of the southbound lanes for almost eight hours. Which made the Tuesday commute pretty rough.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials that were on the scene said that the southbound lanes had to stay closed until about ten o’clock that night. All the lanes were reopened before seven that evening though.

There were several agencies to respond to the Golden State Freeway, most were there just before 11 that morning. They were responding to the fiery pileup which was on the southbound side.

CHP Investigate Fiery Crash

According to CHP spokesman, Jose Nunez, the investigators think that a box truck that was travelling north on the Freeway sadly lost control and then went over the center divider. This caused a chain reaction crash on the southbound side.


The crash ignited a large explosion, sending plumes of thick, black smoke into the air that were visible for miles.

When first responders arrived, they found at least eight vehicles — three commercial trucks, three passenger cars, one passenger van and a truck — involved in the collision, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott said. Several vehicles were engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived.

  A total of 75 firefighters from the Los Angeles, Burbank and Glendale fire departments responded to the scene and extinguished the flames, according to Andy Fox, also of LAFD.

  One person was pronounced dead at the scene, Fox said at an early afternoon news conference. He said a total of 12 patients were treated, but officials later updated the figure to 11, including the victim who died.

  Authorities later said the victim killed was a male adult, and they described the victim in critical condition as a 27-year-old woman. The nine injured others were transported to hospitals. The victims' ages ranged between 22 to 71 years old, authorities said.

  A dog was also killed.

  The Los Angeles County coroner's office responded to the scene, and will identify the man killed and determine his cause of death. It was not immediately known which vehicle the victim had been in.

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  Meanwhile, cleanup took hours.

  A big rig, which CHP officials said had been loaded with milk, was completely destroyed in the flames. More than two hours after the collision, the truck's burned-out shell remained across the middle of the roadway.

  The crash scene spanned both sides of the freeway, with one vehicle beneath the smoldering big rig on the southbound side of the road, while a pickup truck straddling the median was up against the semi, Sky5 footage showed. A car facing in the wrong direction was lodged under the back of the pickup on the northbound side.

  The other commercial vehicle involved, a tanker truck, collided with the big rig and was badly damaged, aerial footage showed.

  At least one of the vehicles spilled oil across the roadway, and a hazardous material team responded to clean that up.

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      All southbound lanes were closed for nearly eight hours, and all but two of the northbound lanes were shut down for most of the day. All northbound lanes reopened just before 6 p.m. CHP had issued a SigAlert for all southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway, just north of Colorado Boulevard.

      The crash caused significant delays in both directions of the 5 Freeway, and authorities encouraged motorists to avoid the area and take alternate routes to avoid the traffic congestion.

      Southbound traffic was diverted off at the 134 Freeway, while northbound vehicles were directed off at Colorado Street, according to CHP's traffic log.



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