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DUI Car Crash

A crash is horrible no matter what, however knowing that the cause of an car accident was due to someone being under the influence of something is absolutely heart breaking for the family.

Police say that a driver in Beverly Hills has been arrested for a suspicion of a DUI due to a single vehicle crash. The crash sadly left two women dead and four others hurt.

Authorities also say that some of the passengers were ejected from the BMW SUV. All the women were said to be in their twenties. The women were thrown from the vehicle after it hit a curb and hit a tree which caused the SUV to roll over. That must have been horribly scary for all those who were involved.

The two woman sadly passed away. The driver and remaining people were hospitalized due to their injuries.

According to the local television news report, the SUV was pretty heavily damaged on its roof. The vehicle was found in the lanes and in the area of Santa Monica and Wilshire boulevards.

The police think that some of the victims weren’t wearing their seatbelts. Which is a huge no-no. The on scene investigators think that a DUI and speed was a factor in the crash.

Teens Killed in Car Crash

Three Las Vegas teens were killed and one was injured in a car crash early this morning in Southern California, according to police.

The impact sent the teens’ vehicle across the intersection, bursting into flames. The driver and two passengers were pronounced dead at the scene, while a third passenger was transported to a nearby hospital. The condition of that passenger is unknown.

Social media posts indicate the teens were students at Centennial High School.

Police arrested Bani Duarte, 27, of San Clemente, Calif., on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence causing injury and was booked into the Huntington Beach Jail.

The Orange County Coroner will identify the deceased. It is expected to take a week, police said.

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