Carjacking Turns into Police Pursuit Turns into Multi-Vehicle Crash

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Several Injured in Carjacking Gone Wrong

On Tuesday evening several innocent people were part of a crash after someone tried carjacking a car. The carjacking turned into a police chase but ultimately ending in a multi-vehicle crash in the Unincorporated Whittier area.

According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Officer, Deputy, Crystal Hernandez, the whole thing started when the police got a call of a “strong-armed robbery” and a carjacking around 7:20 in the evening. According to Deputy Hernandez, the responding deputies had also recieved/receiving multiple calls about a “Volkswagen Passat” that was driving pretty crazy throughout the area of the carjacking.  The deputies saw the car and then that is when the police pursuit began. The pursuit ended when the driver crashed into multiple vehicles. The crash was at Leffingwell Road and Scott Avenue.

Driver of Carjacking Ejected from Car

Deputy Hernandez said that the driver of the carjacking vehicle was identified only as an adult male. The driver was ejected and landed underneath of the carjacked vehicle. The carjacking driver was taken into the hospital and was in unknown condition. According to the news release from the Sheriff’s Department, There was a female passenger that was luckily uninjured. She was taken into custody. The release also said that there was a male passenger who fled the scene, he is still missing and authorities are looking for the male passenger.

There was a woman traveling with her child in another vehicle. The woman suffered an injury to her arm after she was hit by the carjacking vehicle, according to the release. She was taken to the local hospital for her injuries. Thank goodness her child was in great condition and uninjured. Let’s hope the carjacking business slows down and no more people are injured due to someone else’s carelessness.


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