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Truck Crash Requires CHP

Truck crashes are one of the scariest types of crash, in my opinion. They are such a big vehicle and so many things can go wrong.

A recent crash left a well-known tow truck driver killed. This happened on a Monday night on Highway 99. He died as he was helping a stranded motorist.

The driver of the tow truck was later identified as 58 year old, Baudelio Perez. Others called him Angelo which makes sense why his towing company was called “Angelo’s Towing”.

The man was towing a car that had a flat tire. Seems simple enough, however tragedy can strike whenever. He was struck and sadly killed during the incident.

Tow Truck Driver Dies in Crash

According to reports, the accident happened just before ten o’clock that night. He was almost ready to tow a Cadillac with a flat tire when someone in another vehicle slammed into him.

Jeffrey Cipolla’s with CHP Statement:

That vehicle struck the broken-down vehicle which was on the rear of the tow truck as well as the driver of the tow truck who was working to load that vehicle.

The police say that Angelo was sadly killed at the scene of the crash. The driver who hit him, stopped the vehicle and cooperated with the police.

CHP says that the driver didn’t seem to be impaired in anyone. The driver claimed that he did not see the tow truck. Owner of Action Towing, John DeCicco was close friends with Angelo and understands the dangers of the job.

Cipolla’s Statement:

Tow truck operating on the freeways and roads is very hazardous.

The crash happened where the southbound Highway 41 merges onto Highway 99. The shoulder of the road is narrow which makes it hard to get out of the way where the vehicles are moving fast.

The death of Angelo comes as the drivers are being urged to practice “Slow Down and Move Over” week. This is a time in which those need to be cautious of road workers.

DeCicco’s Statement:

People need to slow down and give all the emergency workers on the highway – the highway patrol, police, fire, Caltrans, everybody, construction workers – they need to slow down and move over and let people do their job.

Angelo sadly leaves behind a wife as well as three children.

Cipolla says that the crash is a “tragic incident”. They will try to work with the tow truck drivers move and know the chances they are taking being on the side of the freeway so much. They’re risking their lives to try to help people. Cipolla feels for Angelo’s family and hopefully more people will follow suite and slow down and be more cautious to people that have to work near the roadways.

Sadly four students were hurt Friday during a school bus and truck crash. The police think that the accident might have happened due to the stoplights not working.

CHP said that the crash also involved another vehicle and that it happened around 6:50 a.m.

The reports show that the stoplights weren't working at the intersection. It also showed that the school bus driver came to the intersection and then stopped. Once the driver saw it was clear he began driving forward.

However, the other driver wasn't so cautious. A driver coming down the other lane did not stop and hit the bus. CHP said that four students had to be taken to the hospital due to complaints of pain. There were three other students on the bus but luckily they weren't hurt.
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