A Commuter Train, A Truck, and Misleading Signal Lights

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With the increased amount of rail traffic in our state, train accidents happen, tragically, more often than people think. When a train crash occurs, the consequences for victims in terms of physical, financial, and emotional cost can be enormous. Operators of trains are held to strict legal standards and consequently the law offers recourse for those who are injured in train accidents, so that the parties at fault for the train wreck can be held responsible for the costs of their actions.

If you or a family member has endured injuries as a result of a train crossing accident in the Los Angeles area, you should contact a successful and qualified train accident attorney right away.

A successful train accident lawyer can help you recover monetary compensation for your losses, such as pain and suffering, wages, medical costs, and assisted living expenses. The DAG Law Firm have obtained top results in dozens of personal injury cases including train accident cases like this accident in which the traffic signals played a tragic part.

In January of 2003, an Metrolink commuter train struck a stake bed truck at the North Buena Vista Street grade crossing in Burbank, California. Upon impact, the truck’s fuel tank was compromised, releasing fuel and resulting in a post crash fire that consumed the stake bed, which remained at the crossing, while the truck’s cab, which was not on fire, continued eastward with the train.

The train derailed and came to a stop about 1,300 feet east of the crossing. The cab and second cars of the train came to rest on their sides; the remaining two cars and the locomotive remained upright. The truck driver was fatally injured. Of the train’s 59 passengers and 2 crew members, 32 sustained injuries; 1 passenger, who was treated and then released from a local hospital, died 15 days later from internal injuries that were probably sustained during the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board later determined that the probable cause of this accident was the design of the traffic signals’ railroad hold interval, which displayed a flashing red arrow for the eastbound North San Fernando Boulevard left turn lane,
improperly implying that, after stopping, the truck driver was permitted to make a left turn onto North Buena Vista Street.

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