Could A Football Team Be Responsible for Players death?

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Football Linebacker Suffered from Concussion

A Kansas City Chiefs linebacker was suffering from a concussion-related brain damage when he decided to go on a rampaged and killed his girlfriend and then himself. The player’s mother wants to hold the team responsible for her sons death.

This lawsuit opens up another chapter for the football officials, especially the ones who have been grappling with the evidence that many of the sport's players have contracted mental disorders after suffering mulitple concussions over the years.
This lawsuit also claims that the Chiefs coaching staff and front office administrators "Engaged in a systematic campaign of mental abuse to ‘Motivate' Jovan to play through his injuries." Some of these "techniques" was to call him a mistake and to threaten to kick him off of the team.

It also stated that the team failed to appropriately hold Jovan back from playing at least twice after he suffered a concussion. After the November 18, 2012 game with the Cincinnati Bengals, friends and family began to notice a change in Jovan. He began to show memory loss, confusion, depression, mood swings, as well as explosive temper.
  He was pretty convinced he'd suffered multiple concussions that last year,</span><span style="line-height: 1.5em;">He was not himself. I remember a bunch of times he would lose his train of thought while talking to me. He'd be talking about something, and he would just blank. I'd say, &#8216;Man, are you OK?' and he'd come back &#8216;Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.' But he was skipping over thoughts, unable to gather it all together. That was new.
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