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Missing Couple in Park After Slip and Fall Incident

Going on a weekend getaway can be so thrilling and exciting and they absolute best time of your life, especially in California. However, they can sometimes be a little scary and they can sometimes end badly.

Sadly, a man and woman who was visiting the Sequoia National Park have been missing for almost a week now. The park is Sierra Nevada in Central California.

The National Park Service (NPS) issued a medial alert on today advising people to be on the lookout for Jie Song and Yinan Wang. The two Chinese nationals were last seen around 2 p.m. on August 6th.

According to the reports from the NPS, the two of them were last seen during a Crystal Cave tour that day, but somehow disappeared during the tour. The report also said that they had planned to travel to Kings Canyon National Park to stay the night in Fresno, California they also had a reservation in Yosemite National Park on August 7th but the never made it to their reservation.

Couple Goes Missing in California Park

Reports say that the man and woman were driving a white 2012 Ford Focus Sedan that has a license plate number of 6XMM431. The Man’s description is that he is five foot tall and 175 pounds. He’s thirty-one years old with black hair and brown eyes. Unfortunately a description of the female hasn’t been released at this time.  Local news stations have released a photo of the pair though, as well as a picture of a similar vehicle.

The park is asking that if you see them, please call them at (559) 565-3195.

An officer, Mike Theune who is a public information officer for the park, said that Wang has connections in San Diego. Now the NPS are trying to work with the San Diego Police Department to track down more information that might be helpful on Wang.

As the time is ticking down, all agencies:( NPS Law enforcement, U.S. Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, Sheriff’s Offices) are searching for Song and Wang.

According to reports the police did find a plate belonging to the Ford Focus in the brush. This was off of a 500 foot cliff which was 500 foot below Highway 180. The police found it when they were trying to find another vehicle when it went through the guard rail and over the cliff.

The authorities have flew helicopters over the canyon to see if they could hopefully see the Ford Focus, they did see vehicle parts upstream from the other car, but it’s unclear if any of those parts are from the Focus.

Now the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is going to conduct a “parallel” investigation involving the Ford Focus as they try to recover the original car that fell over the cliff.

Of course this doesn’t mean they wreck. Maybe someone stole their car and they’re lost in the park? If you’re a lover of outdoors you know that it can happen especially in an a massive place like Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The Park is an attraction due to it’s giant trees and beautiful mountains. It’s great for the hikers who need the challenging foothills and explores who crave those deep canyons and large caverns.

The parks of course have signs warning people of the dangers of the rivers and creeks, saying: “currents are faster and more powerful than they appear…If you slip and fall in, getting out can be almost impossible… Please: use extreme caution around water. Return safely to your family.”

Please, if you’re an adventurer, always go in a group. Be safe and follow the rules. The parks have no way of always monitoring every single spot of that park. Plus you go out there to enjoy the outdoors. You don’t want to be “monitored”. Be safe.

San Diego Man Upset Over Slip and Fall Incident

So,  you wouldn’t think a boob job would have anything to do with  a side walk but when it’s involved in a slip and fall incident it’s has high priority in the matter.

A former San Diego Mayor, Roger Hedgecock is now suing the city, he’s claiming the a sidewalk fall is what “ruptured” his wife’s breast implants.

Apparently the ex Mayor and his wife say that the city was “careless and negligent” for failing to repair a sidewalk which was damaged by a tree. Which if it’s true, they might actually win her a set of new implants.

The suit from October says that Cynthia Hedgecock tripped over a section of the sidewalk that was raised in Pacific Beach just two years ago and sadly fell to the ground and injured herself. During the incident her breast implants ruptured.

According to the suit, her breast implants ruptured and leaked silicone into bloodstream. She then had to have them removed and then have them replaced. Which must be a pretty had procedure not to mention the scare tissue and the extra recovery time.

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