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Cyclist Racing Ahead of La Mesa Trolley Gets Struck

On Tuesday a cyclist made the crazy decision to beat a trolley train by trying to race ahead of the La Mesa trolley. The daredevil cyclist however, wasn’t as lucky as most the movies. The cyclist was struck, according to the local police.

Witnesses Replay the Cyclist vs Trolley Incident

The eye witnesses told the La Mesa Police that the male cyclist was riding his bicycle between the warning arms as they lowered right in front of the trolley tracks at around 12:40 in the afternoon. This was at the Spring Street and University Avenue. The unlucky cyclist however, did not make it across the trolley rails in time and was struck by the oncoming trolley.

According to the La Mesa police, Lt. Angela Desarro, the male cyclist was quickly taken to local hospital, Sharp Memorial Hospital for a serious leg injury. Lt. Desarra wants to warn others before they try to pull a crazy stunt like this. Because let’s be honest 90% of the time you wont make it in time…that literally almost always only happens in the movies folks. Don’t try to be a daredevil, you probably won’t like the consequences…if you survive the incident.

Lt. Desarro’s statement:

Obey the trolley arms. Obey the trolley signals. Don’t try to beat the trolley. It’s not worth it.

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