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Dangerous Pit Bull Attacks 3 Times, Owner facing Arrest

Chewy the Pit Bull has attacked three times. Over a year ago Chewy was deemed dangerous by police officials, now that he has attacked again his owner, Corey Balser who is 22 years old has a warrant out for his arrest. After a hearing on a petition to revoke his probation, the young man is still at large.

Chewy’s latest attack was against 67 year old, Loretta Sims and her husky, Kato. Chewy allegedly ambushed Kato and Loretta and that was the final straw. The order for Balser’s arrest came soon after. Chewy had attacked two people in the past month.

The latest attack led to Chewy’s capture and Balser’s new set of criminal charges. In addition to be suspected of violating probation (by letting his dogs out) Cory faces two Class A misdemeanor charges due to these attacks. Balser’s neighbors feel like it shouldn’t have escalated to this point before authorities stepped in.

One neighbor of Balser’s stated that

There’s no reason why that mess even should have happened,If you have a (dangerous animal agreement), why would you not have to inform your neighbors or your landlord?

Chewy’s first brush with the law came in 2012. He bit a county community corrections officer after he jumped through Corey’s door. That is when Corey decided to sign the Dangers Animal Agreement, which ultimately showed that he knew about the potential danger Chewy posed.

After that Chewy had gone without a reported incident until November 12. Chewy struck again, this time it was Keith Balser who was attacked. Keith is Corey’s father. Chewy attacked the man in the street which sent Keith to the hospital with serious arm injuries. After the attack the dog ran away and could not be found.

Chewy resurfaced 3 weeks later when Loretta Sims was attacked around 3 a.m. on a Tuesday near the Balser home. Corey also owns another Pit Bull.

After Tuesday’s attack Criminal charges and a petition to revoke Balser’s probation were filed. The chief deputy prosecutor could not make a comment on the details of the investigation but she did state that without the Dangerous Animal Agreement that was signed in 2012 “The State would have been unable to pursue criminal charges.”

The petition to revoke probation stats that Balser violated his probation when he “failed to take reasonable steps to restrain his dog or dogs and his failure resulted in the dog or dogs biting and injuring third parties.” If Corey is convicted of the Class A misdemeanor then he could face up to a year in prison and a fine of $5,000 on each count.

Balser is suspected of hiding Chewy from the police. When the Police Department tried to find the dog after the November attack, they could not find him.They even searched the neighborhood and Balser’s home. After the attack on Loretta and her dog Chewy was found at a friend of Corey’s, he was then euthanized Wednesday.

While Corey’s neighbors are upset about the attack’s they do not blame the dogs. They blame the owner. One neighbor said “It’s not a problem with the breed, it’s how they’re bred, and how they’re raised and handled.”

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