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High speed car crash incidents are rarely ever a good thing. Most likely whoever was speeding hurts their self  as well as many innocent people.

Police say that three men were sadly killed in a crash when their car sped off the road and then careened off a fence and hit a tree, burst into flames.

California Highway Patrol was at the scene of the incident. They said that it was a single vehicle crash, which means less casualties. The crash happened on Saturday in the Kelseyville area.

CHP Sgt. Nenad Gorenec's said that the 2010 Chevy Camaro was going pretty fast when it didn't stop at an intersection and then flew off the road.
Sadly the men died due to the impact of the collision with the tree. This was before the car caught fire, so at least they didn't have to suffer through the fire.

The local news reports say that the victims were burned beyond recognition. The coroner will have to try to identify they bodies by using their dental records. Which isn't uncommon in these types of crashes. Thoughts and prayers go out to their families.
When you send your kids to college you always think the worst. You constantly worry about them not having enough money, if they're actually studying, or the horror stories of human trafficking. No matter what or where they go they will always be your babies.

A Utah State University student was sadly one of four killed in a head on collision in Southern California. The press said that twenty year old, Marissa Garnica as well as three others were tragically killed on State Route 177. They passed when a  car collided with a big rig on the highway. Which, any big rig crash usually doesn't have a good outcome for those in the smaller vehicle.

Marissa was a member of the USU chapter of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.
  Marissa will be missed more than we can ever express. She was a sweet soul, and our hearts are with Marissa's family and friends. LITB and L&L.
The Alpha Chi Omega sorority house will be holding a balloon memorial for her.

Racing a vehicle if you aren’t a professional isn’t the smartest thing you can do. You’re just asking for an accident to happen and you or someone else to get injured.

When you’re young and fearless you don’t really think about the harm you can do to others or yourself. Now a nineteen year old man was fatally injured after his car slammed into a light pole. This was while he was racing another driver near Riverside.

According to the reports the crash happened around eleven in the morning. The crash happened close to the Riverside City College campus.

Sgt. Ben Shafer from the Riverside Police said that the victim was identified as a Mentone resident. The victim was speeding northbound on Olivewood in a 1998 Acura Integra. During the crash the victim’s vehicle was weaving in and out of traffic when he lost control of the vehicle and then crashed into the pole.

Driver Dies in Racing Crash

According to Sgt. Shafter there was a driver of a dark colored Honda coupe that was just ahead of the Acura that was going the same speed. This was at the time of the crash and then it immediately slowed down making a u-turn to check on the wrecked vehicle.

The on scene paramedics pronounced the victim dead at scene.

Police had to tape off a section of Olivewood so that they could conduct their investigation.

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