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Five People Die in California Crash

Sadly five people have passed away. Two women and three children have died after the car they were in plunged about 100 feet off of a cliff. This happened along the Norther California’s scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

Police said that the woman, was thirty-nine years old, Jennifer Jean Hart was the driver. The passenger was also a thirty-nine year old woman, Sarah Margaret Hart. The names of the children involved haven’t been released at this time. The relationship between all of those involved are unknown at this time.

One of the spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol said that a 2003 GMC SUV was travelling south on Highway 1 when it pulled into a dirt turnout. Then, for whatever reason the GMC continued directly off the cliff, which was around a 100 ft drop.

The vehicle landed on its roof, which sadly killed all 5 people inside of the SUV. Tragically all three of the children were thrown from the SUV.

According to later reports, the two women had a total of 6 children and had just recently moved to Woodland, Washington. The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that CPS went to the house after two people called them and was worried about the children.

Children Injured in Crash

Neighbors in the Woodland area told local news that they suspected abuse. One of the neighbors even said that he saw the family leave pretty quickly on Friday, having all six kids with them. This was after CPS arrived and left because no one answered the door.

The authorities do not know where the other three kids are at this time.

According to research, Sarah Hart was actually convicted of domestic assault in Minnesota in 2011.

The woman who owns a house near the crash site told local news that the crash seemed weird to her, due to the turnoff being so large.

Firefighters had to rappel down the cliff to retrieve the bodies, then a helicopter was called to lift them up. The autopsies will be performed.

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