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Investigation Over Deputy Shooting Pit Bull

On Monday morning, an investigation has began after a seven month old pit bull has been shot by a Sheriff’s deputy at a home in the San Marcos area that morning.

According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Officials the deputies were to respond to a call at eleven in the morning at the 2700 block of Sarver Lane. The Officials say that there were three pit bulls that were aggressive and roaming around in the area.

The Pit Bull Investigation Turns Scary

After the deputies arrived to the scene they entered the property where the dog owners lived. According to Sgt. Earnell Sease, the Officials wanted to investigate/discuss the complaints.

As the deputies came onto the scene, the three pit bulls charges the deputies. The pit bull’s came through an open patio door that came from inside the house.

Sgt. Sease said that one of the deputies spooked and was worried for their safety and fired two rounds at one of the dogs. The shots ended up killing the dog.

The other two pit bulls went inside after the gunshot.
The dog’s owners spoke to the local News. She claimed that the dogs had not been roaming that day, according to her they had been sleeping next to her.

According to Sgt. Sease, there is an ongoing investigation going about the shooting.


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