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SUV Burning Being Investigated in California

The police are investigating a burned SUV in Orange County. Police think that there might have even been a fourth person inside of the burning SUV, even though they for sure found three bodies inside of the SUV in Orange.

The witnesses say that the SUV was already covered in flames as it was traveling down the street in the middle of the afternoon. Witnesses say they did not see a driver inside.

The SUV was a GMC Yukon. The Yukon finally stopped on the sidewalk in front of a home in the 500 block of East Oakmont Avenue. One of the witnesses was able to catch the amazing/scary scene on a cellphone video. In the video, you can see the neighbors hurrying to try to put an end to the fire.

Police say that they found three bodies of men inside of the burnt SUV. One of the men, who happened to be in the passenger seat was burnt so bad that no one could recognize any of his features.

According to the police, the other two bodies were in the backseat of the Yukon. The bodies were badly burned. The police were able to see that the burn victims were men.

Police are waiting on an autopsy to determine if the men were dead before the fire or because of the fire. The autopsy is scheduled for a Thursday morning exam.

Lt. Fred Lopez’s Statement:

We do have some witnesses that indicate that they saw somebody running from that immediate area, There was not a driver in the vehicle, so it’s safe to assume that we’re looking for the driver.

The only description of the driver that has been available right now is that it was a male driver.  According to the police authorities, the SUV did have license plates from California, however it was not from Orange County.

If anyone has any type of information, they are asking that you call the Orange Police Department at (714) 744-7444.

Three Vehicle Crash In California

Another type of vehicle incident is an actual vehicle crash. According to the reports, one person was killed and four others had to be hospitalized after a three vehicle crash happened in Irvine one early morning.

The wreck happened very late/early one night, at one thirty in the morning. The crash happened on the northbound 405 Freeway which is near the Culver Drive area.

Police aren’t exactly sure what caused this violent crash. It was so severe that one of the vehicles actually flipped upside down.  The names of those who were in the crash wasn’t immediately released to the media.

According to the reports, several of the northbound lanes of the 405 freeway had to be shut down for a few hours after the crash. I imagine it took quite some time to investigate the scene and get everyone safely to the hospital.

Semi-Truck Crashes Into Apartment Building

A recent report, tells about a semi-truck slamming into the side of a two story apartment building. This happened in the Garden Grove area. The truck slammed into the building after exiting an off-ramp from the 22 Freeway one afternoon.

The investigating authorities, say that the driver of the semi-truck had lost control of the truck. The driver then had to be transported to the local trauma unit center at the UCI Medical Center. It’s unclear how the driver is doing now.

There was a search and rescue crew that were on the scene that tried to stabilize the building. The sixteen apartments were deemed “uninhabitable”.

The witnesses said that the people who lived in one of the damaged units were luckily not at the apartment at the time of the incident. One female witness said that she heard a loud “boom” when the semi crashed into the apartments.

The crash happened around three o’ clock in the evening. The incident happened in the 12800 block of Haster Street. The investigators have clarified that the truck was exiting the Haster Street off-ramp from the freeway.

Luckily, no other injuries were reported. The residents had to be evacuated from the building. The Red Cross was quick to help those in need by setting up a shelter for the residents who were affected by the damage of the crash.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the Garden Grove Police Department are handling the investigation.

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