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Dog Bite Startles Woman

A dog bite attack is one of the most common incidents involving animals. A local reporter was able to be at the aftermath of a dog bite incident by accident. She was there to cover the aftermath of some severe storms, but her story turned into her recovering after a dog attacked her in Oceano.

The dog’s owner had him in a car due to the family’s backyard being flooded. For whatever reason the dog escaped the car and bit the reporter, Amanda, on the leg.

The dog’s owner then came running with an axe to remove the dog from her leg. The owner luckily only suffered wounds to his hands.

The dog had to be taken away by the animal control. They are now investigating what might have caused the attack. Police are unsure about what will happen to the dog.

Police Dog Attacks and Kills a Man

Police dogs are primarily used to protect people, however that isn’t always the case. A former police dog attacked and killed a sixty-four year old man. The K-9 once bit an officer on the hand as well. The bite wasn’t considered a “serious misstep” by the dog. The Exeter Police Department records indicate that the only issue the K-9 had during training was that he wouldn’t listen to the “stay” command, during only a few sessions.

Sources within the police department told local news that the K-9 had some training and behavioral issues. Also, the dog’s handler, Alex Geiger had less experience that is usually required for officers who work int he K-9 units.

Geiger purchased Neo as a pet but quickly tried to talk his Chief, John Peters to create a K-9 unit.

On December 13th Neo attacked eighty-five year old, Betty Long. Betty’s neighbor tried to assist her. The neighbor man suffered from two severe bites to his arteries in his arm.

How to Treat a Bite Wound from WEBMD


Of course WebMD is great as a suggestion but if the bite is severe it’s best if you go get checked out by a professional doctor in your area.  Dog bites can be pretty serious and infection is not something to play around with.

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