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Dog Bite Incident

Police officers work with all kinds of situations, a dog bite probably happens more than what you think on the job. That’s not all they deal with though, this time of year is so sad for so many people. It’s a time for family togetherness and some people sadly don’t have a home or family to spend the Holidays with.

Police recently had to investigate a homeless encampment in El Cajon after there were reports of a dog bite.

An 18 year veteran officer with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was doing an “encampment patrol” around 10:15 a.m. near Magnolia Avenue and Interstate 8 in the El Cajon area when the incident happened.

According to the officer, he saw a female and male camped in the area and then a dog attacked him “on his leg and hand.”  The El Cajon Police Department Officers as well as the CHP officers and medics responded to the scene, however the bitten officer was able to drive himself to the local hospital.

Reports show that the officer was luckily treated and was able to return to work later that day. The ECPD took over the investigation and the dog had to be taken into custody for observation.

Mesa Police Investigate Dog Bite

When using a K-9 police dog, the police officers usually mean business. Police dog’s are so helpful in search investigations as well as many other situations.

According to the Mesa Police Department, one of their officers as well as a burglary suspect were bitten by a police dog during an arrest.

Police Investigate

Police reports say that the incident happened early Friday morning. The bite came after a police officer followed a vehicle which was seen leaving an area where officers were responding to a burglary call.

Luckily for the bite victims, the injuries weren’t too serious. Both the officer as well as the suspect were transported to the local hospital just to be make sure though.

Search for Dog Involved in Dog Bite Incident

When you’re a pet owner, you will do anything to make sure that your furbaby is happy and taken care of. Some of the normal routines for a dog owner is to go for walks in a local dog park. During this time I’m sure you’ll see other animals at the park as well as owners.

Police are now in search of a dog that was involved in a dog bite incident at a Lincoln local dog park. According to the reports, the incident happened around five o’clock in the evening on Wednesday.

Reports say that the police are searching for a black and brown basset hound who bite someone near the gate of the dog park. The description of the owner was a female with brown hair. At the time she was wearing black sweatpants.

Police are just asking the owner to contact them so that they can make sure that the dog is up to date on it’s vaccinations. Which is very understandable that the victim would like to know that bit of valuable information.

If anyone has any information about this situation then please contact the Police Department at (701) 787-8000.

Couple Faces Trial After Dog Attack

We all do things without thinking occasionally. However, leaving a physically and mentally disabled woman alone with two “pit bull” mixes probably isn’t something most people would do. No matter how much you love an animal, you always have to think “what if”.

A couple are now on probation after they made that mistake. Fifty-seven year olds, Susan and Norman Demski were ordered by the Lucas County Common Pleas Judge, Gene Zmuda to serve 100 hours of community service and they aren’t allowed to have any contact with the fifty-three year old, Lori Demski who is the victim in this case. Lori is the sister of Norman.

According to the reports, Mr. Demski entered an Alford plea on February 6th to patient endangerment as well as a first degree misdemeanor. His wife also entered an Alford plea to attempted assault and a fifth degree felony.

The Judge placed Mr. Demski on probation for two years and Susan got community control for three years. She also was told that if she violates the terms of the community control then she could be sentenced up to 11 months in prison.

On September 2016 Mr. Demski was at work and Lori his wife decided to leave Lori alone in their home. Lori was sadly bitten by the dogs, which according to Demski the dogs belonged to his daughter’s boyfriend.

Both dogs were euthanized after the incident and now Lori is under the care of Adult Protective Services.

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